Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Making stuff and being all busy with stuff. You know.

Apparently I now blog about once a month. That seems pitiful. Right? I mean I have photos saved from this summer of projects, events, things I find beautiful, and thoughts that accompany the images that I have stored neatly on my hard drive to post here. It's November and over the summer we hiked to the top of a mountain to watch a meteor shower. And that sunset over the lake was awe inspiring. I wanted to share that. Then in August sometime I went out and cut lots of spearmint from the galvanized tub that I grow it in so that it doesn't take over. Mint will spread everywhere when you turn your back on it. I cut a ton of spearmint and shoved it into a gallon of vinegar. I let it sit for about a week and then had a wonderfully smelling household cleaner that I put in spray bottles.  I used that like crazy... in fact, I became mildly obsessed and started using it on ALL THE THINGS. Since then I've made several more batches. I wanted to share that. Also, since the spearmint is now dormant for winter, I've started adding about 20 drops of spearmint essential oil to a full spray bottle of vinegar for the same effect. That little tidbit is actually fairly timely because I just made my first batch that way yesterday.

And I've made several more quilts since sharing the last. That pink and red and peachy 16 patch quilt? I'm very into that color palette lately. The autumn colored half-square triangle four patch quilt? That guy is backed in corduroy and therefore a little heavier and more snuggly for this time of year. That stack of squares and fabric trimmings above? Currently sewn up and in rows ready to assemble into a quilt. All that fabric is long hoarded barkcloth and I don't really know whether to quilt it or hand tie it so it's been sitting for weeks and weeks. In the meantime, I made another Halloween quilt to add to my growing collection. I've been binding it the last several evenings. Hey! Another timely thing... but no accompanying photo.

Making stuff and being all busy with stuff. You know.  I know you know.



Laura said...

It all looks fabulous, and I especially like the angled corners on the autumn quilt.

Di~ said...

It's all beautiful and I esp. love that hardwood floor room!

Shasta Matova said...

One advantage of not blogging is that you spend your time making things and doing blogworthy stuff. Both your quilt finishes are gorgeous!

Kelly O. said...

way to be in the moment! not to worry. We'll be here when you want to share--until then, enjoy! p.s. that spearmint idea is a great one!!

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