Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Total Room Overhaul

My youngest daughter, Licious, turned ten in November.  In our family, when you turn ten it means that you can redecorate your room.  Licious had anxiously waited the chance but when the calendar page flipped and she was all officially ten-ed up, she didn't have a clear plan as to what she wanted.  That was kind of nice on her part cause November leads to December and both of those months are jam packed with weekend events that leave little time for room redecorating.  Strangely enough, however, December leads to January and the busy social calendar lightens up and leaves free weekends.

Plus, Razor got some groovy tools for Christmas and was itching to put them to use.

Our house was built in 1950 and Licious's room used to be the front porch of the house.  Somewhere along the line before we bought the place, this porch was closed in and made into an additional room.  It's long and narrowish and has these half brick walls on each end.

The brick walls weren't ugly and, in fact, sort of gave the room some character.  But, they were never intended as an exterior/interior wall-i-o deal-i-o so they left the room warm in the summer and cold in the winter.  Since Licious had now come up with a plan for her room redo, Razor used it as an opportunity to insulate and box in those half brick walls.

You can see below that her once raised loft style bed is now gone and the brick wall on that side of the room is insulated and boxed in as well.  

Next up will be new insulated flooring.  Then painting.  Then a newly built bed with clothing storage underneath.  But we are saving money for the flooring so it won't be anytime super quick. 

And I'm lucky that she's so sweet and understanding of that.



Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Nice that she is a patient girl and fun that she gets to redecorate! :)

vintage girl at heart said...

she is a sweetie!
happy number 10 to her!
she reminds me of my lil one that just turned 13!
we painted our concrete floors while we were saving for wood floors. it served the purpose snd we just used paint that we alrerady had and rolled it on.
just a thought!

**nicke... said...

how fun dana! i bet she is excited!

Trudi said...

Love a good room re-do, but where is the little lovely sleeping in the mean time? Poor lovey!

Artfulife said...

Ohmygosh the cute kitten posters were cracking me up. I do believe if I let Sloan she'd have her walls plastered in cats, dogs & boys! lol :)

grendelskin said...

Neato! It's fun to do the rooms over; eventually the whole house will be insulated and toasty as well as pretty, eh? I'm with Vintage Girl, slap some floor paint on until you come up with the Grand Plan!

Kim said...

Nice idea's, that Razor is so darn handy! does she have to bunk in with her sister for now?

Happy sewing

dolores said... your reflection in the mirror!:)

Does this mean you won't be drying soap in there anymore?:)

You all have a Habitat ReStore anywhere close by? Sometimes you can find great prices on new flooring!

Dena said...

She is going to look at it as an adventure and won't care how long it takes. What kind of flooring are you looking at? Does this mean you have to make a new quilt? Ilove the loft bed bit. And are those the dressers you repurposed?
Fun stuff sister.

eva said...

oh how wonderful that at 10 she can redo her room. ...even if it takes a while...
knowing you, she will appreciate it!!

oh, jenny mae said...

the twins are getting a new room for their 10th birthday, too. they are currently sleeping on a blow up bed in brother's room and there is stuff EVERYWHERE! we can't get it done fast enough!

Corinnea said...

Oh dear, I think she'd just turned seven when I started looking in on your life =) Time flies.... What a fun project to take on together!

tipper said...

Looking good : )

Sara said...

She is going to love her new room--- I can tell by how she is smiling away already:):)

Shorty said...

How fun! It's got to be exciting as a kid to remodel a room and be part of the decision making process.