Friday, September 6, 2013

Link up this week

Each Friday I post things here that remind me who I am at this moment.  A snapshot of what this week was and maybe what it was not.  Usually a bullet point list of stuff that made it what it was.  A date stamp of my life . . . this week. 

I have been offering up a linkup option so that you can link to a post of what made your week.  This time, however, I'm not going to provide the linkup option but instead hope that you leave a link to your week in the comments for all to find.  Life, after all, is a series of events and I'd love to be witness to yours.

This week we've spent some time watching the events at the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championships taking place in our neck of the woods.  The day these photos were taken was just a practice day.  Tonight we are going to watch some finals.

Also this week I got a glimpse of my Circle 7 quilt that has been traveling around to talented friends who each have added their part.  I started it all with the tent and so far Susannah Kate (the feather and the fox), Amy (the campfire and lantern) and Courtney (the arrows and bear) have added to it.  Each time I see a photo of it my heart does a little dance.  I seriously cannot believe that this piece of awesomeness is going to be mine.

Finally this week, I contemplated making a new blog banner as this current one is seriously oeverdue for an update.  Maybe I'll get to it.  Maybe not.  Priorities and all that.


P.S.  As I said, please do leave a link in the comments sharing about your week.  And give me some feedback if you prefer it this way or would rather the linkup option.  Thanks.


Kar said...

I would be sitting there with you watching the Canoe Championship. We love watching all the kayakers that come to our area and brave the white water on the rivers. So exciting! And that quilt!!! That is one fabulous piece of art my friend! I'd be doing a little dance also. Too awesome!

Here's my Link:

Megan said...

having serious envy about that quilt!! it's beyond awesome.

Terrie said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but just have to let you know I love all the lovely quilting inspiration I've found on here! And other lovely photos too!

Big Week at our house this week...hubs & I celebrated 30 years of wedded Bliss! Not sure I'll forget that anytime soon! Wanna see what the Bridal styles were 30 years ago...

I love seeing what has been a highlight for others this week! Have a great weekend all! Go & make more memories!

Paige said...

I love, love, love, your camping quilt! I have gotten a few sneak peeps of my drunkard's medallion but never the whole thing!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I know where that river is. No way would I want to travel on it. Is Razor in the race?

I love your quilt!! Do you have a previous post talking about it?

We've been great! Already planning a trip back to your neck of the woods next July!

Karamat said...

The quilt is AWESOME!! Looking forward to seeing it grow.

Here's my recap of last week (where my baby started Kindergarten): said...

I hope you bring that quilt to Sew South. If you do you might not be leaving with it...just warning you! It is so perfect!

Jackie said...

Loved the two times I have been to the Nantahala river for white water rafting in college. Oddly, neither of those times occurred when I went to college in the mountains.

Your camp quilt is so adorable.

If you do a new blog banner, can you post a step-by-step of how you do yours? I'm curious.

Here's my week:

Kim said...

I wish I was as good as you at documenting my time. It has been an awesome week though. Got to fly to a friends wedding in NH and meet all their great families and friends. Stayed with older friends that have been my support system for over 40 years, got to visit with their children and grandchildren too:0).
Yesterday we drove to Raleigh for the day to welcome more friends that moved down from VT and visit my husbands friends of 40 plus years then introduced both sets of friends to each other :0).
Had some skin biopsies done, and getting ready for endoscopy and colonoscopy this coming week.
Had my hairdresser first turn my hair orange then turned it white trying to fix the first mistake 5 days I have to make time to get this mistake fixed.
Life is good and I am counting my blessins everyday :0)

Happy Sewing

oh, jenny mae said...

that quilt! oh, my! i really need to start a paper-piecing bee!!

Amy said...

Awesome quilt! I love the colors. And the arrows...*swoon*.

I love the idea of canoeing and kayaking, but I think I'd need smooth waters!

sallgood said...

That quilt is/is going to be amazing!!! I was a Camp Fire Girl from 2nd grade all the way through High School, and my first job out of high school was at a Camp Fire camp. Thanks for the images that took me back a few (!) years. :D