Friday, September 13, 2013

Share this week

Each Friday I post things here that remind me who I am at this moment.  A snapshot of what this week was and maybe what it was not.  Usually a bullet point list of stuff that made it what it was.  A date stamp of my life . . . this week.  I hope that you leave a link to your week in the comments for all to find.  Life, after all, is a series of events and I'd love to be witness to yours.

  • Had a flat tire.
  • One of our dogs, Harpo, got really sick.  She is fine now.
  • Really sick dog = big fat vet bill
  • Our desktop computer got zapped.  The hard drive is fried.  
  • I'm glad it's Friday.  
  • Looking forward to a weekend.
  • It's got to be better than this week.


Alice said...

Oh dear--I do hope the weekend is so much fun that you forget about last week! Glad your furry baby is all better.

tara said...

Here's to a better weekend!
This week has gone by fast.
Here is what I got up to this week, window decorating

Amy said...

yuck...kind of a crap week, huh? Mine too. Hope your weekend if FAB!

Jackie said...

Hope you have a much better weekend.
Here's what I have been up to:

Kar said...

I'm all for a better weekend and a better next week. I think a good dose of doing nothing is in order. :)

my link:

Claire said...

Sorry you've had a spot of bad luck - things can only improve, right?

Alice said...

I forgot share part didn't I? OK, here it is:
Hope your weekend has been great!

ksrunt said...

Oh Phase 10 is a great, and long, game! Have you tried it with adult beverages? Counting down to Oct. 1. Maybe we can meet at the EVENT! I hope to get tickets for 2014.