Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spending my days

The past weeks have been busy. One has been home from college for spring break. The other had spring break the week before that. I've taken on a bit more work from home and that always comes with loads of hours of learning curve. I've been out in the greenhouse putting tiny seeds into tiny little pots of dirt and checking them incessantly for signs of germination. And in a mad frenzy of weed pulling, I tweaked my shoulder. Or that could have been from making the bed. It's hard to say really what did it but it's prevented me from sewing.

In between all the busy, however, I have pulled lots of blue fabrics. I've wanted to revisit the Wyoming Valley quilt block and thought I would do so with a scrappy mix of blue and white fabrics. I made a sampler quilt a few years ago  and one of my favorites in that quilt is the Wyoming Valley block. You can see some of the blues in the photo above. That is if you can look past the beginning pile of what has become my stripe fabric obsession. 

I've been wanting to make the Stripe Me Lucky quilt and realized that I needed a massive variety of striped fabric in order to do the pattern justice. So, one day at the thrift store, I wondered over to the men's button up shirt section and found several 100% cotton shirts. That has led me to visiting every thrift shop in the tri-state area and beyond. The men's button up shirt section is a gold mine! What amazing finds to be found! I mean, look at all those stripes.

Wonder when I'll get to do something with them. . .



em's scrapbag said...

You have found a gold mine. Can't wait to see your quilt.

Jessica Christensen said...

I LOVE men's shirts for quilts. Every time my husband blows out the elbow in his shirt, I ferret it away. But I love the thrift store scheme.

And now I have to make a Stripe Me Lucky quilt too. It. Is. Gorgeous. Can't wait to see yours.

Kelly O. said...

sorry you hurt your shoulder! what a nuissance that it is keeping you away from sewing. Well if you can't sew I think shopping for fabric is fun and the thrift store is the most fantastic place to find it! I love denim quilts but these days everything has so much spandex in it to make us stretchy pants--the thrift store has been a good source for plain old blue jeans!