Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sharing what I will

Earlier this year, my blog turned 11 years old. Back in the day, I would post thoughts and photos on motherhood. But my beautiful daughters reached an age where it just didn't feel right to share them so freely here. I still have big thoughts about motherhood and what my role/responsibility/meaning/am I doing it right/future looks like, but they just don't get top billing around here anymore.

Like, prom was a few weeks ago.

But spring here is beautiful. And it's comfortable to share images of that.



beth said...

Dana, I was just listening to a podcast this morning about the early days of blogging when many wrote or read to help them figure life out. Like you, my kiddos are teens - one a senior in high school - and the space/time for personal sharing has come to an end. The things I used to process online are processed differently. I am grateful for what I learned through those seasons and wish sometimes that I could share more sometimes, but the stories aren't mine any more. I'm grateful for every season of parenting... and for the regularity of actual seasons, too. xo

Megan said...

It's wonderful to be thoughtful and thoughtful with what you share. Just the other day I stopped myself from posting online something about my daughter that I wanted advice on. I wouldn't want her to ever be embarrassed or have kids she know find something about her online to use to make fun of her. Really, it's just normal kid stuff every parent needs help with but online just wasn't the right place for it. It is so interesting to me how our perspectives change through time.

P.S. Love the spring photos!