Friday, April 20, 2007

19th Place in Adventure Race!

A few days ago I talked about my husband's team competing in an adventure race. Well, it is official. They placed 19th out of the 100 teams that entered!!! I'm so excited for them and you just KNOW how pumped they are. Mark is racing again next weekend with two different team members that he has never raced with before. I look forward to talking with him after that race because they should perform very well.

For the record I would just like to say that I'm glad that Mark has something that he enjoys so much. He has the endurance, physical ability and the sheer will to be an elite athlete. He has found a sport that combines all of the physical challenges he loves with the mental challenges that feed his soul. Being lost in the woods in freezing rain with blisters on my feet, cuts on my legs and hands, and being eaten alive by mosquitoes is not my cup of tea. But, that man loves it. He is so much, does so much and endures so much for this family. I'm extremely grateful that he has found something that is all his.

Way to go team!

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