Friday, April 18, 2014


1.  The trees are in full bloom.

2.  Ahhh-chooo!

3.  Freezing temps sent Razor and I scuttling around the yard with sheets and duct tape.

4.  Licious, my youngest, came home with chicks.

5.  Chicks hatched at school.  One with a major defect making it unable to walk.  Spraddle leg it's called.

6.  With many attempts by her and Razor to rehabilitate the poor thing, she wasn't thriving.

7. Heartbreaking is what that is called.  Thanks to Razor for ending the suffering.

8.  Two chicks remain and they are fluffy and cute.

9.  We don't have a hen house.  But I guess we will soon.

10.  We've moved the raspberry bed to a location more suited to it's spreading-ness.  We've dug and dug and dug some more over the course of the last eight months.  Completely eradicating the raspberries from their prior location will be a long battle.  Anyone have any hints or tips on how to completely remove them from the old location?

11.  I haven't made a quilt in awhile now.  I have a few at the long arm quilters.  Anxious to see them again.  One is a king sized scrappy bear paw quilt.  With a velveteen backing.  Super excited about that one.

12.  Have a lovely holiday weekend.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fairy house

At what age does the wonder disappear?  The curiosity.  The amazement.  The moving through life and approaching all you encounter with question and exploration in mind.  At what age does the making for sheer pleasure of making disappear? Creating something because you want to.  Or because you feel it, dream it, imagine it, see it and won't be able to think of much else until it's complete.  The making for making sake.  Not everything has to have a purpose.  Not everything must be practical.  Or utilitarian.

Does it?

When does that switch get flipped?

Quizzical looks come from others when I explain why my kids are not in softball/dance/basketball/piano/karate/underwater basket weaving/this camp and that camp.  I'm doing my best to preserve just a little of that wonder.  That curiosity.  And the making for making sake.

The preservation of imagination.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Adventure Racing Duo

Yesterday my husband and youngest daughter ran a kids adventure race together.  I say ran but an adventure race by it's very name involves more than running.  This one included running, mountain biking, a belly crawl, archery, climbing a rock wall, a sack race, paddling, and scaling a slippery wall.

They attacked the course like seasoned pros.  Razor is, of course, a seasoned pro.  He had in fact competed in a sprint adventure race the day before as part of the same event.  Licious has listened and watched her Dad for nearly ten years talk about and participate in adventure races.  She knew what she was getting into and welcomed the chance to run it with her dad.

That girl.  She can and does do anything she sets her mind to.  Never a question in her mind.  Nary a doubt.  

The race was billed as a two hour race.  My girl and her daddy finished it in under 40 minutes.

Never a question.

Nary a doubt.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Greenhouse report - dirt under my nails and I'm good with that

I know I'm not alone in my fingers getting twitchy to dig in the dirt come this time of year.  One trip to a local garden center on any Saturday in April can confirm this.  I think it has as much to do with the feeling of being pent up inside all winter long as it does with making something from nothing.  Dirt and seeds.  Sunlight and water.  It's magic really.

I've got tomatoes and peppers and loads of flower seedlings.  Everyday I walk into the greenhouse and stop, study, couch down to look closer, count, compare, pick, water, and marvel.  I really do marvel. There is a smell.  An earthy, pure, warm smell that I suck in all the way to my toes and hold it there and marvel.

My youngest might have caught the bug too.  There are eight trays with at least 36 little spots in each tray recently prepared with various herb seeds.  She's going sell them at the farmer's market.  Once soccer is over of course.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Needle & thread - hand embroidery

A few weeks ago I took an embroidery class from Alison Glass at Sew South.  She was incredibly gracious with her time, knowledge and supplies and made learning new stitches a breeze.  Once I learned the couching stitch, I wanted to couch all the things.  That is until I learned the chain stitch.  Then I wanted to chain stitch all the things.  And so on.  The needle book pictured above was a pattern supplied by Alison and the start of a new obsession for me.

Since then I've been stitching different random fabrics to get a feel for what weight works best.  I've also been trying to learn new stitches.

I liken hand embroidery to coloring for adults.  And now I'm looking for a website or hand embroidery stitch book that can teach me lots and lots of new stitches.  Any recommendations?


P.S.  Due to numerous requests, Alison is now selling the needle book pattern that she provided to Sew South attendees.  You can find it here.  You can even find the exact Perle cotton sampler that I used here.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Circle 7 Quilt

Look what is home.  And quilted.  And bound.  And finished.  And making my heart go pitter-patter every time I glace at it!

Thank you Circle 7 ladies.  I adore it more than words can say.


P.S.  I've spoken about Circle 7 before hereherehere and here.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Polar Plunge


Razor and the girls were challenged to do their own Polar Plunge as part of a local fundraiser.  There is no way I could have caught it on video and done the plunge.

Thanks goodness.