Monday, January 29, 2018

Tap. Tap. Tap. . . Is this thing on?

Here it is the end of January 2018. That went fast, didn't it? We rounded out 2017 with our oldest home from college, a ski trip with extended family, cold weather temperatures, and quilt making. Lots of things have been happening which has my attention elsewhere. And the longer that time goes by, the easier it is to not sit down and click at the keyboard to write something here. I've considered not blogging any longer. My children are older and I feel like their stories are their stories to tell. They have been so gracious with allowing me to share things about their lives here but it just feels like the natural stopping point for that. And so does that leave this space merely a place to catalogue the quilts that I make? Maybe. But I've been blogging here for nearly 10 years and though it really has served as a way to chronicle our lives and be a record for my family to look back on, it has been a space where I work out lots of thoughts rolling around in my head. Thoughts of motherhood.  Marriage. Travel. Aging. Time and how I want to spend it. Politics.... not really, though I have lots of thoughts on that topic.

I don't know.

I guess I don't really feel done with this space just yet even  though my posting habits will undoubtedly be even less consistent. It's just the stage of life that I'm in where my children are older and my parents are older and it all makes the everyday things feel so fleeting.

So, I'll still share my quilt making with you. And gardening. And probably baking or cooking or canning. And occasionally those thoughts about it all that are rolling around in my head.

I'm still here. Are you?


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Flowers in December

How fitting to photograph this quilt outside my greenhouses. A midnight zinnia flower garden. And the backing?!? A long horded vintage sheet and narrow strip of the most perfect plaid along one side. The mere sight of this quilt makes me giddy.  I imagine that having it around on the grayest days of winter will make me itch to get my fingers in the dirt.

Along the way I've share the process of making this quilt over on Instagram using the hashtag #midnightpatchworkposies. Perusing that hashtag, I see that I started the quilt on July 8. The top has been pieced and finished since August sometime. The basting step turned me into a procrastinator . . . again. 

Now that December is here, I'm feeling the need to hibernate. I'll be with my family curled up under this quilt. We have fun things planned and plenty of down time scheduled too. Cookies will be baked. Movies will be watched. And lots of rousing games of Blokus and Double Solitare will be played as well.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season full of peace, warmth, and nourishing food to your body and soul.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Patchwork posies -- A new quilt

I made the quilt top over the summer while sewing with friends and I finally buckled down and finished it up. The basting step always turns me into a procrastinator. Simple patchwork quilts are always, always, always my favorite.  They are the ones I use every single day and I'm so pleased with this new addition. Bright tiny floral prints for the win! I pieced together a vintage sheet and several yards of vintage dotted Swiss in pale yellow for the the backing. I'm going to ask my mom if I had lots of dotted Swiss items when I was a kid because this fabric feels like the fabric of my childhood.  Of course, I could just be making that up.

I've even basted a second quilt with a third one soon to follow. High fives!


Monday, November 27, 2017

While I'm on the subject of that 16 year old

That sixteen year old I was talking about the other day likes to run. She's good at it too. I've spent most of this fall taking photos and keeping track of mementos that will fill her ever growing scrapbook of athletic achievements. Things like fourth place at Conference. Fourth at Regionals. And in the top thirty at State Championships.

I tell you, that girl is going places. 

And I'm desperately trying to keep up!


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

16 years old

You've never ridden a school bus to or from school. There are lots of reasons for that but there is one reason I haven't shared with you. And, honestly, it's probably the biggest reason.

Since kindergarten, I purposely time my arrival at the end of a school day so that I can be near the front of the pick-up line. I always turn off my car and sit in silence and wait to see you emerge from the building. Construction paper crowns. Macaroni necklaces. Friends. Boys. Cell phones.  And, always your big, bright, contagious smile.

Whether you waved excitedly while wearing your big, puffy coat and snow boots over your striped tights, or ever so subtly glance my way and change coarse towards my direction, I've always known the exact moment you realize I'm there to get you.

The days of me sitting in the pick-up line are numbered.  Being sixteen and all.


But I'm still watching the wonderful story that is you. And I'll be there at pick-up anytime you need.

I love you.

Happy birthday!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

These photos were taken by my youngest daughter. Frozen nighttime temperatures ended their riot of color weeks ago. Actually, probably more like five or six weeks ago. Over a month and yet it feels like yesterday. We've driven here, there and everywhere so much lately. Cross country meets. Parent weekend. Clogging.  Here, there and everywhere.

The season has shifted. And I sat down with the intention to write about where I find myself in motherhood right now. But I can't really find the words. I don't know how to express the feeling of parenting one from afar. Or holding on extra tightly to the one still sharing my roof. But I can say that next week is Thanksgiving and I plan on wearing thick, woolen socks, making yummy food, and smothering each of them with my physical presence daily.

Fall and winter really are my favorite. I like staying inside my cozy home. And I'm feeling wistful about the fact that when my girls were younger we had long stretches of days together with no immediate end. Not to mention my mothering role was so much clearer then. Well, clearer in that an outsider could visibly see what I was doing and recognize it as mothering without explanation. I'm still mothering. I finished a text exchange moments ago where I let one know that the professor will like her concept and she'll feel much better after talking to him. That exchange isn't as obvious. It's invisible almost. But it's still very much there. Necessary. Important. Cherished.

Growing up. Spreading wings. And dang drivers licenses. It's all good.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Moda Skill Builder quilt complete

Back in February of this year, I started this quilt as part of the Moda Skill Builder quilt along with Fat Quarter Shop. I made the blocks each month but did manage to make September and October's blocks early so that I could finish this quilt up and send it off with my college girl. She had picked all the colors and I'm in love, love, love with them.  I don't think I would have put this combination together on my own. I quilted it with overall loops and a few special words and messages mixed in.

Hoping she feels wrapped in love each night as she goes to sleep beneath it.