Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Germinate haiku

Fingers in the dirt.
Busy hands. Much time to think.
You will find me there.

Haiku is fun. It always makes me feel like a poet and appear to be a deep thinker. I don't know that I'm either when I'm working with seeds and dirt and water and sunlight. But watching a seed no bigger than grain of sand emerge from soil and eventually feed my family does more than just fill our bellies. It soothes my soul.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Healing hearts

I started stitching patchwork hearts back in January. It just felt right to make something with such an obvious symbol of love while I was feeling the way that I was. I continued making hearts in February because I just felt compelled to keep going. This month I assembled all my hearts into this quilt top. And I've included a little note on the back as to why. A personal love note to myself in a time where I've felt so anxious, uncertain and untethered. Making something with my own two hands has always been a sort of therapeutic practice for me. This one even more so.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another new quilt

This one is a new pattern from Fat Quarter Shop called Spellbound. It's made with two jelly rolls (I used two with nothing but bright solids,) two yards of fabric (I used white and gray.) It measures 64.5" x 80.5" and came together in a snap.

Can you see the secondary pattern that pops out? Focus on the white. See the giant stars?

A storm was moving in when I took these photos and this shot makes me think of the movie, Wizard of Oz. The barn. The leafless tree. The dizzying array of colors. Spellbound is aptly named as I could stare at it for hours.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Time to start the seeds (a few weeks late!)

Each February I order my seeds from Hometown Seeds and get many of them started in the greenhouse. By now I usually have tomatoes, peppers, herbs like basil, dill and chamomile, and all my summer flowers like zinnia, marigold, cosmos and blanket flower spouted and reaching towards the sun. This year, however, I'm several weeks behind schedule. Life is busy. The weather is nuts. And I haven't even driven to the local feed store to buy my potting soil.

But! It's on my list of things to do this week! And the fact of the matter is that I'll still be pulling vine ripe tomatoes out of my garden in July whether my seeds were started in February or late March. Mother Nature is funny like that.

I always get questions about my greenhouses, gardens and where I purchase seed. About five years ago I stumbled across Hometown Seeds' website and have been purchasing there ever since. (Click here and here to see more about when I first started using their seeds.) All of their seeds are GMO-free, they are strictly available on-line, and their customer service and ability to quickly answer my questions and point me towards helpful resources, makes me certain that they are a family run business. I love family run businesses and much prefer giving my money to them rather than larger operations.

Over the next weeks I plan to share more about my greenhouses and what I'm growing. ::she says as she grabs her car keys and heads out the door to buy potting soil:: I'd love to know what you are growing too!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New quilt from nothing but scraps

I started sewing 2.5" squares together late last year. Late as in probably in the week between Christmas and the new year.  Then in January I had enough sewn together that I made blocks and assembled a quilt top. In February I finally quilted it and finished it up using leftover yardage and batting from other projects. I love that it is 100% completely made from scraps.

Scrappy quilts are my favorite.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Moda Skill Builder Blocks

This month's Moda Skill Builder Blocks are appliqued orange peel designs. I've never made blocks like these before . . . hence the beauty of a skill builder sampler quilt. Expanding my skill base is always a good thing.

Technically perfect? No. Graphically bold and pleasing? Yes.

Two months down. I'll revisit this again in April.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Filigree Quilt

My newest quilt is from a pattern from Fat Quarter Shop called Filigree. It's from a series the shop does with Art Gallery Fabrics called AGF Stitched where they put out about four patterns a year together. I've made two other quilts from the series (see them here and here) and always find myself checking them out and opting for the quick make.  I consider the AGF Stitched quilts "quick makes" because they are generally smaller quilts than I normally make (Filigree is 56.5" square) and the construction is always fast.

I like the clever way these blocks are made. I'm not the biggest fan of setting blocks on point but this quilt doesn't do that . . . it just looks like it. And, I love the fabric placement and how the colors move across the quilt.

The fabrics are Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell and denim from Art Gallery Fabrics. And this quilt is soft, pretty, graphic and makes me long for daffodils, forsythia, tulips and apple blossoms.


P.S. Filigree is a free pattern and even has a video tutorial on how to make it that you can find here.