Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Stray cats that become stay cats

Over the years, several stray cats have stopped at our house. Dogs too, for that matter. The guy in the top, Sweetie Boy, showed up about 14 years ago as a 4 month old kitten. You don't earn a name like Sweetie Boy unless . . . unless . . . well, unless you're sweet. And he is. He has been the proud hunter of more mice that I can count, let mean, wandering tom cats know to keep on trucking and graciously welcomed new pets to the circle over the years.

The other two showed up earlier this year and have quickly wiggled their way into the family. Bomber, the black one, is young. Still a kitten for sure. He's one of the coolest cats I've ever known. He could be hundreds of yards away when he spots me step outside and he comes running and drive bombs right into me. Hence the name Bomber.  He also really likes to hide in the bushes and jump out and scare me. As absolutely as often as possible. He's especially fond of my husband. They all are actually. Probably because he stops and pets them every single time, no mater what.

Then there is Brownie. She is timid. So soft. And now that she knows us, she is loyal and sweet. WE really like having her and her scratchy little meow around.

Outdoor, stray cats that become stay cats are pretty cool.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sharing what I will

Earlier this year, my blog turned 11 years old. Back in the day, I would post thoughts and photos on motherhood. But my beautiful daughters reached an age where it just didn't feel right to share them so freely here. I still have big thoughts about motherhood and what my role/responsibility/meaning/am I doing it right/future looks like, but they just don't get top billing around here anymore.

Like, prom was a few weeks ago.

But spring here is beautiful. And it's comfortable to share images of that.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Father's Choice quilt

My latest finish. The individual block is historically called Father's Choice. Bright happy colors in an over sized block. An excellent quilt holder that knows to keep her feet hidden. And a stray outdoor cat that has decided to call our house home.


P.S. If you want more details about this quilt and progress photos of it along the way, search the hashtag #danasfatherschoicequilt on Instagram.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spending my days

The past weeks have been busy. One has been home from college for spring break. The other had spring break the week before that. I've taken on a bit more work from home and that always comes with loads of hours of learning curve. I've been out in the greenhouse putting tiny seeds into tiny little pots of dirt and checking them incessantly for signs of germination. And in a mad frenzy of weed pulling, I tweaked my shoulder. Or that could have been from making the bed. It's hard to say really what did it but it's prevented me from sewing.

In between all the busy, however, I have pulled lots of blue fabrics. I've wanted to revisit the Wyoming Valley quilt block and thought I would do so with a scrappy mix of blue and white fabrics. I made a sampler quilt a few years ago  and one of my favorites in that quilt is the Wyoming Valley block. You can see some of the blues in the photo above. That is if you can look past the beginning pile of what has become my stripe fabric obsession. 

I've been wanting to make the Stripe Me Lucky quilt and realized that I needed a massive variety of striped fabric in order to do the pattern justice. So, one day at the thrift store, I wondered over to the men's button up shirt section and found several 100% cotton shirts. That has led me to visiting every thrift shop in the tri-state area and beyond. The men's button up shirt section is a gold mine! What amazing finds to be found! I mean, look at all those stripes.

Wonder when I'll get to do something with them. . .


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Scrappy quilts for the win!

You don't need me to tell you of my deep love for scrappy quilts. Broken record on repeat. Interestingly enough, I just searched my own blog with the term "scrappy quilt" and the first thing to pop up was a post from about this time last year with photos of a quilt I made with this exact quilt block proclaiming my love of  . . . wait for it . . .SCRAPPY QUILTS!

To quote myself (ha!!!):     I love a billion different fabrics and colors together in one quilt. I love making the riot of color come together. This quilt has me fired up and committed to making ALL THE SCRAPPY QUILTS!  All scrappy, all the time!   (all caps, jazz hands and bug eyes too!!)

I'm nothing if not predictable.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Absence. Explained.

It's a waffling back and forth kind of thing. It's a I-have-time-for this or I-have-time-for-that kind of thing. Sit at a computer (more than I already do) or play with fabric. Or, even as the sun starts to shine more and more each day, play in the dirt.

Waffling, sure. But also 2018 was doozy. My mom dealt with a very serious health issue that began in May of last year. My dad continued to deal with ongoing health issues. It was new ground for our family to have two parents needing such careful attention. I'm a days drive away from them.  Much of this fell on my brother. I love my brother. He's an amazing man. He was there in so many heavy ways. Heavy in the sense that your chest feels compressed and forcing it to move up and down with breath is hard. He has his own wife and daughter and business to tend. Dude. My brother - he's the real deal. 

Posting pretty quilt pictures seems frivolous in depths of heavy family stuff, no?

Plus there's the whole thing of by mentioning the heavy stuff, the attention somehow shifts to me. That feels like misguided and unwarranted attention. Makes me kinda squirmy. I'm more of a heads-down-hands-in-my-jeans-pockets-nothing-to-see-here kinda girl.

My dad passed in early February. Parkinson's took him swiftly at the end but it never owned him, for he was always there. He knows how much I love him. And I certainly know how much he loves me.  He guided me in life and I miss him. And I'm so very glad that he is free of his broken body.

Absence. Explained. And I'm feeling squirmy.

So . . . pretty quilts!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Winter Posies

I love winter. I really do. I love layering up in warm clothes and drinking hot chocolate underneath a pile of quilts. I love to cook winter foods . . . stews, roasts, soups. When it comes right down to it, I just love to hibernate. I like to gather everyone from their outside pursuits and just cuddle inside. But as February creeps by, and the seed catalogs start piling up on my coffee table, I start to get the smallest, little hope for spring. It's rained a bazillion days this dark, gray winter. Our driveway is a sloshy pit of mud. Our roof is leaking in two particularly pesky spots that we can't attend to until it's warmer. And those 70 degree days that we had last week tipped me over the edge.  I'm ready for spring. Luckily for me, my hellebores bloom each February and remind me that I can be patient.

So I'll keep hibernating.