Thursday, January 29, 2015

Patience and timing

I ran outside and snapped this photo of the daffodils reaching for the sun. In January.  Like they do every year. We've lived in this house 11 years and for many of those years I've stared at those January peeking daffodils and fretted. Worried they were too soon.  That they would freeze and the beauty would be wasted that year. But they are never wrong.  They burst from the frozen earth in the coldest month on the calender. All to bloom for a fraction of time in early spring.

Every January they remind me of patience and timing.

Nature is cool.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My book in a magazine? Say what?

It's not everyday . . . er, uh . . . It's not ever that I can say my book is in McCall's Quilting on newsstands now. Except today.  I can totally say that today.

I plan to talk about each quilt in the book and the story behind them soon.  Just as soon as I can get outside without tromping through snow, rain or mud to photograph them.  Until then I'm inside sewing up Pony Club blocks.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mothering teens

The thoughts roll around my head like tumbleweeds.  Some days are windier than others.  Trying to attach words to those thoughts is harder than nailing jelly to a wall.  As soon as I have them, they slip away.  Seem irrelevant even. Sentences were forming as I walked the dogs this morning.  About how my role as a mother seemed easier when they were little.  Not easier, just more clearly defined. About how the daily drama of a teenage life is huge and all encompassing to a fifteen or thirteen year old mind. And exhausting to me.  Maybe parenting a teen is really just adjusting to a new interpersonal relationship and maybe I suck at those. I lose my patience and play the "because I'm your mother" card more than I care to admit.  Writing that makes me cringe and want to hit backspace.  Deep breath. I'd hope writing about it would be cathartic and transformative but know that I haven't figured anything out.  I don't seek a pep talk or pat on the back.  I'm trying and loving and thinking and analyzing and vowing to do my best.  I'll keep at it for I love them fiercely.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pony club

My parents were in town over the weekend and during that time we Skyped with an aunt and uncle. My aunt politely reminded me that I don't blog very consistently any more.  Yep.  I know.  Life with two teenagers is busy. The time that I used to be able to sit down regularly at a computer and type a few words is often filled with additional chores or errands. And once you fall out of a habit it's hard to get back into it.  My free time is precious and I've been using it to sew, mostly.  

I've wanted to make all 90 blocks from The Farmer's Wife Pony Club book for several years now and decided 2015 was the year.  Several of us on Instagram agreed to each make ten blocks a month for nine months.  That would mean that after September I would have all 90 blocks complete and would have the rest of the year to make those blocks into a completed quilt.  Over Christmas break I planned to make three blocks in advance of 2015 -- a foundation paper pieced block, a blocks with lots of Y-seams, and a block with a gallion pieces and piece it traditionally.  I did that.  And then kept on going. To date I have 61 blocks done.  I haven't lost steam yet so I'm just going to keep on truckin'.  More pictures to come I'm sure but for now you can follow along on Instagram.  And join me too!  Use hashtag #ridethatponyclub so all the participants can see what you're making and cheer you along too!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Birthday Flash Sale

Today is my birthday.  Because of that, and because I sold out in early December and so many of you missed the opportunity to buy what you wanted, I'm having a flash sale in the shop now through Sunday.  You get seven bars of soap for the price of six!  The bars retail for $4 per bar . . . the sale makes them $2.85 per bar!  Purchase six bars (or as many multiples of six that you want) as you normally would.  Then leave me a note in the comment section during checkout of what you want your seventh bar to be and I'll be sure to include it.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Color Dive Quilt

I finished binding this quilt and set it down to put on my shoes, grab my camera and wrangle some volunteers.

  Jezebel seized the opportunity to make herself comfortable.

Once outside, Inky immediately wanted to lay on it too.

Color Dive pattern from Anna Maria Horner.  Quilting by The Backporch Quilters.

I can't blame the cats. I purr like a kitten every time I spot it on my bed.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ringing in the new

A small road trip with nine teenagers to see a concert.

Being cast in the play in the part she really wanted.

Friends trying to send a paper lantern off into the night but being foiled by little boys swinging sticks like swords. Sending wishes, hopes and plans up anyway.

Sitting on the frozen, grassy hill across from the "Corner" waiting for the ball to drop.

Making bread bowls.

Bread bowls for our annual New Year's Day tradition.  That happened on January 2nd instead.

Our break was full of baking, crafting, staying in our pajamas all day, watching movies and lazing around.

Remembering it all had me a little sad it was over as I drove them to school this morning.