Tuesday, June 5, 2007

to infinity . . . and beyond

This is my kitchen window. I spend alot of time here looking out at the world. My kitchen is situated right at the front of my house. When I stand and look out this window the rest of my entire house is behind me. It makes me feel like the master of my domain. The ruler of this roost. The queen of the castle. King of the world (ah, now I'm totally thinking about Titanic "i'm king of the world!").

You get the idea.

I just made the window valances the other night. I had just red and white checkered ones before. I found the most amazing vintage table cloth (yep, at a thrift store) that became the front portion of the valance. So cheery and very much in keeping with the rest of my 1950's kitchen.

Here's to hoping you are the king of the world today.

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jen said...

GREAT use of vintage linens,Dana! I got Cath Kidston's book full of ideas for using them and this pic would fit right in!