Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vegetable garden

Pretty self explanatory I think. The plants are all still small (except those GREAT looking potatoes!) due to the lack of rain this Spring. I'll have to take a similar photo in about a month so you can see how quickly it grows. [That last bit is for the city-slickers among you. For those that don't know about a vegetable garden. Or, on second thought, for those that do but just as a way to entice you back to my blog in about a month.]

These little buggers are the pumpkin sprouts. We didn't plant them until mid-June this year in hopes of avoiding some of the squash vine borer bugs that seem to destroy every pumpkin plant we ever start. Razor is on a mission to grow serious pumpkins this year. We don't use chemical pesticides or fertilizers -- all organic -- so let's hope that we conquer those pesky squash bugs this year. Beside all of the Halloween pumpkin fun, I really want to make a ton of our favorite pumpkin stew this fall!

Wanna come help us weed?

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Rebecca said...

Yum, pumpkin stew! I can't wait to hear all about that. I love anything pumpkin. I'm so jealous of your garden! If I lived closer I'd sure help you weed (says the girl with 4" X 4" dirt patch as a front yard!)