Monday, July 9, 2007

Sad day

This blog is normally cheerful, happy and light. I debated talking about this but it didn't feel right not mentioning it.

Hershey was hit by a car this morning. Razor found her and buried her in a far corner of our yard.

Such a terribly sad day for us here. Each of us loved that little dog. Alot. She fit so well with our family. That she is gone . . . is . . . well . . . shocking.

Half chihuahua. Half pug. We called her a "chug".

She will be missed.



Sarah and Jack said...

(((((Dana and family))))

Amelia said...


I'm sorry, what a sweet little girl to lose.


Old School Acres said...


I'm so sorry. It's obvious she was well loved. Gentle hugs to you.


Christy said...

(((Hugs all around)))

So sorry Dana.

Rebecca said...

Oh Dana, I'm so so sorry. I know how much a part of the family dogs become. BIG HUGS to you and your family.