Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seeking calm

These last few weeks have been crazy busy. Busy to the point of madness. Insanely busy. So busy that when my head does finally hit the pillow I cannot fall asleep (even though I am dead tired) because my mind is racing with all of the things that must get done the next day.

If I'm screaming but you are only reading this and can't actually hear me scream, did I actually scream?

I'm doing a huge art festival this weekend for Old Red Barn Co. and my family is traveling with me. We will be staying in a cute historic inn and plan on just trying to relax as much as we can.

As the boys (Razor and Blade) are up on the roof at this exact moment hammering in what I hope are the last of the remaining shingles and I spend the rest of the week preparing for the festival, listen closely. Do you hear it? Yep, that is me screaming. I told you I really was.


P.S. The photo is of the front of our barn. Why a barn photo? Because I love barns and I thought it would send me into a peaceful, calm, zen like state.

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