Monday, August 27, 2007


I wonder what your thinking.

Perhaps you have that ever so slight grin because you are thinking about kindergarten. About the friends you'll make. About the new things you will learn and experience. About PE. About chorus. About feeling like a big kid in your school uniform and new sneakers. Maybe about the cool pink backpack and lunchbox with your initials on them. Maybe about the necklace I bought you for school so you would feel close to me while you are away. You did say that you felt like such a big girl wearing it. You might be thinking about the sugar cookies we made together and put in your lunch. Maybe your saying to yourself, "Dag-nabit! I wish I was going to clogging tonight. Mom says not tonight because starting kindergarten is a big enough event for one day. What does she know?"

I don't think that your thinking about how this day is the beginning of your school career. I don't think that your thinking about how you are ready for this but it is hard for me to see you go. I don't think your wondering if people will be nice to you. I don't think your thinking about if you'll be able to open your applesauce at lunchtime. I know that your not wondering how your mom will make it until 3:00pm.

Your not thinking about boys. Your not thinking about being embarrassed by me. Your not thinking about high school. Or makeup. Or clothes. Or college.

But somehow, seeing you into your kindergarten class makes me think about all of those things.

These tears will pass. I know because I have done and thought all of these same feelings when your sister started school. Doesn't make it any easier though.

I love you Licious. I love you so very much.
I can't wait to hear how your first day went!

Ugh. That will only mean I'll have to gear up for day 2.

I KNOW that your going to love it.



Sarah and Jack said...


Christy said...

Another lovely post Dana! :) Made me weepy.

Since it's nearly 3:00 where you are, I hope you made it through the day. ((hugs))

Blue Yonder said...

I don't even know what to say. What a remarkable post, and what a remarkable Mama! Hope her day was wonderful, and that you managed well enough too :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm - you always say it so well.

They're the luckiest girls alive.


Jeff said...

You have a way to make even an unemotional grouch a bit misty eyed.

The Wooden Spool said...

How well I can relate!!!! My girlie started "K" this year, too! Lots of emotions from both sides!