Sunday, September 9, 2007

Quilts and such part IV

I just gotta say right off the bat a great big thank you for the encouraging comments to my last post. Day two of art was MUCH better than the first and I'm looking forward to next Friday. The middle schoolers still tried to push me but I let them know (with no uncertain terms) that I was in charge and they were engaged and enjoying themselves. I enjoyed myself as well. I'm looking forward to next Friday already.


I have been wanting to share my latest quilts for several weeks. Amazingly I found the coolest couple that quilted the first two quilts you will see on their long arm quilting machine. Not only are they super cool people but they have two young daughters that my daughters like to play with. And, one of the coolest things is that we bartered my photography services for their quilting services. How cool is that?? I am glad that I met this family . . . and not just because they have a long arm quilting machine. Can't wait to photograph those beautiful girls.

This is the first one. You might remember me mentioning the patchwork quilt that I put together with 5 inch square fabric blocks that I acquired from a fabric swap. Well, here it is.

And, the backing on it is another patchwork that I had done with 12 inch blocks of various vintage sheets. I love this effect!

You'll recognize this one from the banner up top. I hand pieced the entire top this winter. I'm going to bind it with the red from the one block. This is probably the most conventional/traditional quilt I will ever do. I adore it.

These last two are some that I put together quickly. The first because Licious wanted one to call her own. The second because I have always wanted a Halloween quilt to take on fall hayrides and bonfires. Quick and easy but pleasing nonetheless.

Thats all for now.


Christy said...

That's all?? Just four absolutely beautiful, gorgeous quilts?

They really are wonderful.

Glad things went better at school this week. Now that you've got their attention, it should be much smoother sailing.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous and more gorgeous!! Don't you just love to Show and Tell!?!

I don't have a link or an officail pattern to my chicken quilt, I just went off of my mother in laws chicken quilt- made in 1999. I did see the same pattern on, but it was a show and tell post and some lady had used that same pattern... ok, I'm totally rambling now.

Your quilts are awesome and I love the quilting job on the scrap quilt!!

Sarah and Jack said...

They are really beautiful.

Amelia said...

Oh that first one is my fave so far! I love the eclectice look of all the tiny squares! Your quilting is so gorgeous...the swirly patterns amaze me!


Blue Yonder said...

Oh. My. GOSH!!! They are fantastic. Each one is something really special. I don't think I could pick a favorite if I had to!

Rhonda said...


Thanks for the plug! We are so happy to have met you too. So glad to have you as part of our "quilting family" and hope to have many more occasions to work with you and your precious family.

The "Back Porch Quilters"

Dana said...

Oh Rhonda you will sooo have many more occasions! I've got one ready to be quilted, two nearing completion and at the end of the month I'll get my round robin back which I'll be dying to be quilted! I'm afraid our bartering deal will run out before all of my projects are done. BUT, you know you have a loyal quilting customer for life now!!

Rhonda said...

Don't worry about the bartering power running dry. Russ says that as long as you are making "man soap", you'll have quilting! And as long as you never tire of seeing my children's faces through the lens of your camera. Thanks so much, you enrich my life.

dawnkristine said...

It is so fun to see a finished product with some of the 5"x5" squares from our swap this summer. I am working with my squares finally.

The Wooden Spool said...

Totally gorgeous! Love them all! You are having fun! Love the blue and white one with the touch of red!