Wednesday, October 17, 2007

... As a bee

Busy as a bee.

And not liking it much.

When I saw these beautiful grasses it reminded me that I need to slow down and breathe.

And kick up my heels.

Boo and Licious love to kick up their heels.

So much going on. Soap making. Travel. Selling at festivals. Field trips. Homework. Laundry. Did I say soap making? Yearbook. Art. Art with middle-schoolers. Researching airfare to California for Christmas. Proofing portraits. Step-dad having MRI and slated for surgery on Friday. Trying my hardest not to think about the last thing. Long story. Lovin' the puppy but OH. MY. GOODNESS. Tired.

But, I did get a quilt back from Russ the great-and-growing-in-his-famousness-as-the-best-long-arm-quilter around! It rocks so I'm anxious to share it.

To the apple orchard tomorrow with the kindergartners.



Julie said...

Beautiful photos.I went to the pumpkin farm with kindergartners yesterday. Their excitement is infectious.

Christy said...

Wow, you are busy! Glad you were reminded to slow down and breathe. It's very important you know. :p

California for Christmas?? Funny, I guess since I live there I don't think of it as a travel destination.

Hope everything goes okay with your step-dad's surgery. Sending good thoughts. :)