Thursday, November 15, 2007

Over the river and through the woods

I thought I would share some photos of what is behind my house. But, in order to do that we first must head over the river, through the woods, across the pasture and across the road.

First, this is my driveway. Can you see the fence we have to cross? If you look closely you can see a road in the distance. We're gonna go on the other side of that road and take photographs of what is behind my house. Come on.

So we gotta climb this fence. I don't see any cows right now but if I was you I would watch out for cow patties!

Here is the river. It is pretty low right now as we haven't had much rain for months. Just find a low spot that has some rocks to step on. Now, walk across the pasture and up over the road. I'm gonna drive but I'll wait for you over there.

Sheesh. I thought you got lost or something.

Ok. Turn around and see what is my backyard.

Now, scurry on home. I've got stuff to do people!


Christy said...

You crack me up!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful backyard. :)

Hip Mama Crafts said...

Neat post Dana, thank you for sharing... It is spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out which part of the county you live in. I think I know.

Beautiful color!!

Stacy said...


Blue Yonder said...

Cutest stinking post. And man alive! Those colors!!! You lucky lucky dog. All we have around here is an assortment of brown and brownish yellow puntuated by green cedars.

Anonymous said...

WOW - the leaves are spectacular - - I'm afraid you'll be sadly disappointed with ours over Thanksgiving. Love you bunches


SuzGuz of SuzGuz Designs said...

You are so funny! What a fun little jaunt I just had with you . . . Your backyard is gorgeous!