Monday, November 26, 2007

University of Missouri Tiger Football Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Can you say number one?

Come on. Let me hear you say it?

Louder. I can't hear you!

We beat KU Saturday night. Now we are ranked number one. I think every Mizzou fan in the world owes my husband a big thank you. If it weren't for remembering his lucky Mizzou cup so that he could drink from it over Thanksgiving, we might not have won. Well, that and his bizillion other rituals that did it for us. Chase Daniel? Martin Rucker? Tony Temple? Jeremy Maclin? PAAA -- LEEASE!! Don't even start with the coaching staff. It was all Razor's doing.

M! I! Z!!!!

Z! O! U!!!!!



O'Brien Pundit said...

Daniel went 40-49 passing against the nations #2 defense. So yeah, I' gonna have to say that Chase is a lock for the Davey O'Brien Award.

capello said...

if only your husband had forgotten his cap. ::sigh::

it's hard to be a jayhawk.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Razor! We are so thankful for you! M-I-Z!



Jill said...


I had KU customers all day Saturday, and was so wishing just one of them was cheering for Missouri.

I was so happy MU won!!!!!!!

Jill in KC 00