Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Jill to share five random and weird facts about myself. Only five?

1) I've lived in 7 different states. I could name them all but then the authorities would be tipped off on my whereabouts.

2) I ate so much pineapple when pregnant for the first time that I don't like it much anymore. And, with the way I'm eating guacamole these days I know there will come a time when I don't like it much either.

3) I have flown in the Good Year Blimp.

4) I have been with the Street Narcotics Unit of the Kansas City Police Department as they rolled up on a crack house, rammed open the door and proceeded to execute a search warrant.

5) I'm generally not a country music fan but I love a song from Randy Travis called Forever and Ever Amen.

I'd love to know some random and weird facts about everyone I meet. Just makes them more real. More relate-able. Less intimidating. Do share. Please.



Jill said...


Love the picture,and wowie, very exciting, especially the busts and the blimp!

Thanks for playing...
Jill xo

capello said...

jealous about the blimp!

and um... why were you with them at the crack house? i mean, duh, kansas city -- lot of crack houses, not surprised about that. just surprised you were in on the action.

and oh... randy travis. i use to sing that song when i was younger (elementary school) and the boy that had a crush on me said it was "our" song.

coquet's cache said...

ditto, word for word on #5!

Jeff said...

1. im not really an accountant in afganastan.

2. i really dont care about the life of britanny spears

3. i love steven colbert

4. i love anything vintage

5. i avoid corporate coffee houses, but i LOVE the starbucks dbl shots you can get at gas stations!!!!! my addiction.