Monday, February 4, 2008

This whole motherhood thing

We love the things we love for what they are. --Robert Frost

A few weeks ago I spent everyday at the girls' school being the PE teacher. It was long and it was exhausting. It was fun too. But mostly exhausting.

I'm there every Friday teaching art but being there each day for a week was a whole new ballgame. Obviously I got to be around the students more consistently, but I also got to observe some child and parent relationships that I don't normally see.

I saw some parents really push their children. Academically. Athletically. Socially. Their pushing comes from a place of love I'm sure. I know that it does. As a mother, I want the absolute best for my children. I will encourage and "push" them all that I can. But, I hope to push them to be themselves. I hope to push them to achieve their dreams instead of my own. I hope to push them to be comfortable in their own skin. I hope to push them to be secure in knowing what it is they want. What they need. What they dream.

So as exhausting as it was to be the PE teacher for a week, I'm glad that I was reminded of this. I'm glad that I was reminded to let my children be who they are. I'm glad that I remembered Robert Frost's wise words. Afterall, I love the things I love for what they are.



Kris said...

You are one wise woman! Thanks for the reminder :).

I AM VERY MARY said...

Well said Mama Hen.

Jeff said...

good stuff. licious has fouond another beautiful rock i see.