Monday, May 19, 2008

Gardening may help

I've already whined about what a busy time May is in our house. End of school activities. Beginning of show season for Old Red Barn Co. In fact, this weekend we have two shows. Razor will be manning one solo. As will I.

Anyhow, we spent some much needed family time out in the yard this past weekend.

May I bore you with my photos? Sometimes when I have photo heavy posts, like this is about to become, this little movie plays in my head where I have hundreds of images on slides and ask unsuspecting poor souls to sit down and watch my slide show. You know what I mean. Like when you were a kid and had to watch Uncle Vern's slide show presentation of his vacation to the Grand Canyon. Kinda like that.

Painted Daisies that after three years finally blooomed.

Dame's Rocket

Red Hot Pokers or Torch Lilies

"Love in the Mist" ::sigh::

Snow peas.

Lettuce in the greenhouse.

Baby cherries.

Razor checking the potatoes.

Baby grapes.

Let's hear it for slide shows. Can I get a Boo-yah?



sarah, rsm said...

The slideshow is GORGEOUS! You do know that, from this side of the camera, it looks like you might just be living in Paradise?! That or else I'm just jealous! :)

Enjoy the beauty ... and try to remember it this weekend when you are working hard!! :-o

Bloggy Mama said...

Your garden is fab. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Your Flowers are pretty I love your photos What a nice garden looks like it is a lot of hard work.more photos to look at any time for me I love them.
Hugs Mary.

Julie said...

Your photos could never bore.

The Coopers said...

The garden and flowers are beautiful!! I miss my garden this year.. but I am praying we will get to have one next year!

The Southern Mom said...

Gorgeous, the pictures, the flowers and the girls! You're a very lucky gal!

capello said...


i've never seen the torch lily before, that's AWESOME!

Tipper said...

Boo-yah for your garden Boo-yah for my comment going through!

PamperingBeki said...


Jacquie said...

BOOYAH! When is the next one? The longer the better. Just let me know when to make the popcorn!

Tine said...

My parents had torch lilies in their garden when I was a child. I LOVE them! But you don't see them very often....hmmm...are they difficult to handle?
And their is not a vacation-photoalbum-of boredom in sight! Love your photos.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Look at those itty bitty grapes!!! I've never seen itty bitty grapes before!!

Your slide show was wonderful...I'd gladly sit and watch another one if you asked.

Rachael Rabbit said...

Your photos make gardening look fun ;-) I have been struggling with our garden now for 2 years - it just seems too big and endless and I get a little bit defeated - I think this summer is the first time I can start to notice the differences we have made .... I guess I'm trying to say I know how much work it must take to make everything look so beautiful!

The Powell Family said...

I love red hot pokers. I had only seen them in a gardening book that I own until this week and someone had them in their front flower bed. They really are a neat plant. My favorite is a hydrangea. Ooooooooh!!!!