Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother may I

This is my mother. My friend. My teacher. My cheerleader.

She looks like the kid that everyone wanted to be friends with. I know that I would want to. I would love to know what and how my mother was as a child. Would I see myself in her? Would I see my children in her?

Those cool pointy glasses. Big blue eyes. And, huge contagious smile.

Here she is in 3rd grade with her report card to boot. That is the same age Boo is now.

Such a beautiful young lady ready to face the world. Her tediously straightened hair wanting to curl up . . . just like mine.

I may not have known her when she was a child. But, I am so lucky to know her today. I've known her for 36 years and thank my lucky stars for each and every one of those years, days, seconds . . . and moments. She has taught me how to be a responsible citizen. She has taught me to be a lover of nature. She has taught me to be a cook for a crowd. A compassionate friend. A caring neighbor. A listening ear. A hearty laugher. A grower of plants. A careful driver. A frugal shopper. A lover of animals.

She has taught me how to be a mother.

Thank you.

Too bad she never taught me how to whistle that whistle of hers.

Happy Mother's Day. I love you Mom.



Tine said...

Lovely tribute to your mother. She sounds like a very special person!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see someone love their mum like you do never stop she is your friend for life.
Hugs Mary.

Lori said...

Your comments on your mom really touched me. I lost my mom 25 years ago to cancer when I was a young mom and have wished more times than not she was still around to talk with. It's gotten easier over the years but I still miss her much.

Enjoy all the times(it sounds like you do) you can possibly spend with your parents (and the rest of your family)for none of us know what tomorrow may bring. Family is a truly a blessing!

Happy Mothers Day!

Jaimee said...

What a wonderful Ode to Mum!

...and she's lucky to have such a great daughter too :)

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Love the photos and sweet tribute to your mom. I have a wonderful mommy too-we're lucky girls!

Mom said...

How's a Mom to respond to that? Other than to say that I was moved from hearty laughter to tears. To total appreciation of the woman you are!

I too lost my Mom 25 years ago. I'd give most anything to have another afternoon with her. She too was the person you describe me to be (a listening ear, a hearty laugher, a grower of plants . . . )

And without sounding too boastful I must have done something right because look - look at you - - look at your brother. You are my greatest accomplishments !

Much love,

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

beautiful tribute! I love the pictures, she was a darling little girl and very striking young woman.

susan said...

wow! your mom must be so proud of you. sounds like you guys are pretty tight. i miss the woman who used to be my mother...oh well...i have the memories.

Tipper said...

What a sweet tribute to your Mom! I see both of your pretty girls in her pictures.

Dana said...

What a moving and wonderful "mom post" and what a sweet "mom response" in your comments section. How lucky the two of you are!