Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're back live with more video entries!

First up is Amy who seems to have asked everyone she knows to help her win the quilt. Janis Joplin has nothing on you gals!

Next is intern Ross. Something tells me that this video was not his idea but that of an evil co-worker trying to win the quilt instead. Good luck Ross!

Here we have Heather's daughters enjoying a lovely picnic. This is a good one!

Next is Sarah and I can tell this girl has given this some thought! I bet you make some cool, hip and funky quilts. Just my style! Good luck!

Now this one had my daughters laughing big ole belly laughs. I can only guess that Kate has some kids of her own.

Poor Danielle and her big brown couch. Cracks me up to see her kid checking out the laptop!

Next up is Amy with this video featuring her super talented kids. I mean seriously. These kids got it going on.

Now, I think that this next video was mistakenly submitted here. I think that Janelle MEANT to send it to the producers for the television show "So You Think You Can Dance." Cause, take a look at her husband's moves to the classic M.C. Hammer song. The dude is tearing it up!

Summer submitted this video of little Zoe bug giving it all she's got. I feel like we should all make a big circle around her and holler "Go Zoe! Go Zoe! Go Zoe!!"

This is the Wells family and I wish that they were my neighbors. They look like the type that I could totally go to and ask to borrow eggs, a cup of sugar or cream of tartar any time day or night.

And, last but certainly not least, is the last minute video submission from Yvonne. How sweet is she??

Thanks to everyone for all the time and energy that went into these little gems. I want to find a way to make a video montage of all the entries so when I'm feeling blue I can watch them and be sure to giggle!