Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life is like that . . . and several other things

When I woke up this morning there were several things waiting for me. Real mail. Email. And, tomatoes.

As I got the water boiling for the tomatoes I checked my email and found three different people asking such things as, "How do you find the time to do such things?" and "Is there nothing your not good at?" Both to which I laughed heartily.

Perhaps the world gets a shiny beautiful package all wrapped up in a bow of what my life is like from this blog. I show projects I'm proud of. Share stories that I love. Photograph images that I find beautiful.

I certainly don't go around photographing the dust bunnies under my sofa. Or the unmade beds in every bedroom. And I'd never dream of photographing the puny little onions that came from my garden.

I don't ever plan to grow puny little onions. I aspire to huge globes of allium goodness and obviously do something wrong every single summer.

But, I try not to focus on my failures. Rather I just try to see the goodness, bounty and grace that comes from a happy life.

So to answer your question about whether there are things I cannot do, I answer, but of course! I merely share with you what I can.

It's the world as I see it. A beautiful world indeed. Just please don't mind the dust bunnies. I am only human after all.

Oh, and lest I forget the real mail. Christina had a little contest on her blog and my winning prize was a jar of her blueberry jam and an original Nutmeg Kid. Thanks Christina!

Let's recap. I'm human. And I'm lucky.

So very lucky.



Tine said...

Such a great post!
I like your way of thinking. It's a rule to live by, focus on the positive :-)

.....I still do think, though, that the things you do well, you do extremely well!

Mrs. V said...

Perspective, there is lovely things to focus on everywhere and you just have a gift to see it and love it.
WE are the lucky ones who have run into you and you gave us all a hug and told us to come back.
Smiles from GA

The Mommy said...

We're all only human. Thank you for showing us the all the good in your life. There is so much of it!

Mrs. V said...

There is a lot of beauty in all our lives. Some of us see it and some of us may not notice. Dana has eyes to see it in technicolor.

Amylouwho said...

You are lucky! I'm so glad you have chosen to share your goodness with us!

I love the pictures of the tomatoes. It wasn't until I went away to college that I realized most of the world bought their canned tomatoes at the grocery store. WHAT???!! I remember helping my mom in the kitchen in August canning tomatoes, salsa, peaches, pears, cherries, you name it. I always remember her wedding ring sparkled after working with the tomatoes all day.

Unfortunately my gardening skills are still young and I only have enough tomatoes to eat as we go. Maybe next year!

Angie said...

I absolutely love your close up shots like that! You really are one talented lady! I love reading your posts, keep up the great work!

susan said...

we've all got a bit of "Wonder Woman" in us all.....would have to to be able to juggle and keep all those balls in the air...and by the way, i do drop one from time to time :-)

going to try my hand at blueberry jam tomarrow. half are from my bushes and the others i had to buy to make one small batch. next year should all be from here.

Bloggy Mama said...

Totally great shots. I think you're pretty awesome, too ;)

sarah, rsm said...

You may not be perfect ... but you certainly are REAL ... and I love the dana I've met through your blog! :o]

Scottish Nanna said...

Dana I love reading your blog you are a very down to earth person.your photos are just great keep up the good work.
Hugs Mary.

Christina Joy said...

Its nice to know that its the normal people, like you, who are creating such beautiful things and inspiring others, like myself!

That's surreal to see the things I just mailed you sitting on your counter! Hope you enjoy them!

Artfulife said...

I love it. These blogs are such a wonderful tool to show the fun and creative and great talents that we have and want to share with the world. It is easy to forget we are all human and have plenty of less wonderful qualities we choose not to show for all the world to see. Thank you for sharing with us, the celebration of everything that makes life so beautiful,family, friends art and the creative spirit. You are such an inspiration.

Jen said...

I lurk here now and then and wouldn't normally leave a comment, but have you considered leaving your onions in the ground over winter and then checking them next year? Some varieties do really well and make humunga junga onions that way.
Jeesh...what a first comment to leave...
Love to read your blog, and I loved the quilt giveaway, though the quilt would have looked great at my house.

tipper said...

I agree you're human and you're lucky-but I still think you're super special too!

Helz said...

The ***Puny Little Onions*** happen to be Way Cute...

PamperingBeki said...

Ohh I've been making tomato sauce lately with all my garden tomatoes. And I just made a batch of mixed berry jelly the other day too!

YUMMY summer. Yummy.

Kirstin said...

Hi Dana,
Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for sharing your Humanness (C: I too would much rather share the joys of life, but I suppose I'd be willing to share the bumps too as long as people saw hope in the bumps and not just me whining (C:

Your tomatoes and "onions" look yum-O. I'm so looking forward to having a garden next year and canning much of my own produce. Especially tomatoes!