Sunday, November 16, 2008

My family gets such a kick out of these entries for the quilt giveaway

If you are here to enter the quilt giveaway contest go HERE.

First up is this video from Sarah at A Comfortable Cup of Tea.

Here is Trish with some cute limericks. I love how she giggles over the second one!

And check out these cute brothers.

This one come from My Greening. I love how he keeps looking at Mom. So sweet.

And seriously. How cute are these two?

This one too. I mean seriously. How stinkin' cute!

Brrrr. I get cold just watching this one.

Over the last several posts I've put up all the video entries that I know about. If you've made one and it hasn't been featured here shoot me an email so that I can embed it here. Also, if I haven't linked to your blog with your video it is because I don't know where to link to. If you want linked up please send me an email with your info. And if you already have and I've overlooked it . . . well . . . I profusely apologize. My inbox has been inundated and I must not have seen it. One thing you can be sure of though, each video entrant has earned their 50 extra entries!!

Good luck again!