Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book winner

The winner of the book The Fabrics of Fairytale is comment number 34 . . . which let me count down and see who that was.

::Tapping fingers patiently::

Congratulations Allyn! Your comment number 34. Allyn happens to be a member of one of the quilting bees I'm participating in. Mr. Random Number Generator loves you Allyn. Email me at to claim your prize.

Thanks to all of you for the lovely birthday wishes. They all gave me a little extra spring in my step. Razor started calling me Dana-Go-Lightly. Ok. Not really. But I so did appreciate the nice comments.



allyn said...

AHHHHH! i can't believe it. i checked your blog just on a whim, seeing it on my sister's. i am sooo excited.
and thank you, dana. i can't wait to get it.

Elissa said...

sad it wasn't me, but you are winning big points here with the breakfast at tiffany's reference...... :-)

Elissa said...
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Amylouwho said...

Yay Allyn! I know she will love this! And I'll get to see it next time I'm down there to visit her.

Did you know she lived in Winston-Salem for a while - you guys are both NCarolinians!

Nicole said...

Congratulations, Allyn! I'm so happy you won! :)

TheBackPorchQuilters said...

Congratulations Allyn

Happy Birthday to you Dana

Russ & RHonda