Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not so fast

It has been unseasonably warm for the past several days. I've tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Soaking in the warm rays of sunshine. Hoping (and physically feeling) it wash away the winter blahs.

So we have been skipping rope.

And hanging out.

And hiking up behind our house.

And sitting next to creeks.

And drawing.

I also threatened to break up with Facebook. But instead of breaking up completely we have decided to slow things down a bit. In other words, I gave back his class ring but I'm still wearing his Letterman jacket. I've set clear parameters and expectations. And if he tries any funny business we are over.

For reals.



Elissa said...

ooooh great pics! those dreamy amber brown eyes... what a doll! glad you've been out and about... even fake spring is good for the soul.

and i don't trust FACEBOOK, or don't trust myself with him. he's very tempting, but that's exactly why i won't give him the time of day. ;-)

One of us Dragonfryes said...

I had to give facebook back his ring and letterman jacket. Too much funny business. I cried for a few weeks and many times wanted to beg him back but now it has passed and I'm independant and enjoying my single life!

Beautiful pics!

365 Letters said...

It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time! Don't you just love hanging out, especially with kids and nature! So much to explore!

You're Funny Hunny said...

I recently went through a break up with facebook (trust me, he DOESN'T mind the rules and boundaries compromise attempts... and neither will you) and my sister directed me to your blog to let me know I was not alone.

Very funny! Glad to know that facebook is/was an embarrassing addiction (I was starting to bother myself) to more than just me.
Have a good day!

cathy gaubert said...

so true on the facebook front...embarrassing, really.
your family is beautiful! now get some more pics of them to blog before you get your book printed. :) in july, i will have my first year printed up, too. i'll have to check out blurb. thanks. oh, and thanks for the gorgeous quilt blocks + extra + a blog post singing your praises is forthcoming. ;)

susan said...

im so dense, i finally tried one of the sugar scubs i got from you and didnt look carefully where to use and scrubbed my face...yikes...i had to rescrub with salt and soap but i LOVED it on the rest of my body. it gets so dry here with the constant forced air heat even thou mark installed a humidifier. when it is 20 or below we cannot get the humidity up no matter what we set it on. great photos of fam........i walked to post box in just light house dress, coat and zorries...what the heck!

Cassie said...

What a doll face! You are truly a gifted photographer.
ps...ummmm...I thought facebook was mine.

Kris said...

What's up with you and Facebook? Spending too much time together? It's hard to break it off... I speak from experience!

SweetMelissa said...

Don't worry about Facebook. Set him free of you and your wonderful life. He'll get along just fine. And you...will feel a weight lifted. Okay, I'm going to go break up with him too, cause he's been seeing me on the side.

Bloggy Mama said...

Those are fabulous pictures. What wonderful moments to capture.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Hi there - I'm glad you've gotten some warmer weather to enjoy the outdoors! I think the constant snow has made me quiet and slow moving :) Your family is beautiful! Don't leave FB . . . just give up the apps :)

tam said...

Dana You are so funny girl! You stand your ground with mister facebook-he can be very suductive...thats what I have heard anyways! Heehee!
Your place sounds like a very fun place to hang out and pass the time!
Have a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

Mrs. V said...

Awe, did you break up because of us??? ::blink:: ::blink:: How sweet, then you're back!!!

My husband closed his MySpace page after he joined Facebook....and he never goes to bed when I do I think Facebook is a girl!!!

Razor draws, wow, how nice...the whole family is creative.

Say, Dana, where is Sven???? We're due an update from that funny guy. I especially liked his stories of his homeland.

Amylouwho said...

This tease of spring has been delightful!! I think we're expecting snow next week. But it was great to get outside and soak up the sun! Glad you got a chance to as well.

I know what you mean about facebook. We have an off and on relationship.

Anonymous said...

hi dana
was just thinking of you so decided to stop by. yeah, facebook. we were hot and heavy for a while, but now i'm going steady with twitter and occasionally see facebook on the side. seriously though- facebook is weird. i loved it then i hated it now i like it ok.

Susan said...

I always LOOOVE to see your photos! AND your pretty girls!

Facebook . . . OMG . . . is it addicting, or what?!

hunnybunny said...

Your pictures are fabulous as always, But I LOL'd the jump rope picture. My littlest has taken to doing it indoors and we are so FAR from spring I've been letting her, even though we are in an apartment. At least it's the first floor.
I love the way you captured the spirit of everyone, you my dear have mad skills.

J and Z said...

just darling photos....

and i am so with you about facebook....he's baaaad

Anna said...

I'm giggling over the "hand-sy" Facebook. Maybe he should try a cold shower.

(Great photos, by the way. I love the one of your daughter and her journal.)