Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They tell me it's Spring

Can you hear the whispers and schemes?

Schemes? Say what?

They are convinced that it is Spring. They have seen a few daffodils bloom. They see the lettuce coming up in the greenhouse. They feel the warm rays of sunshine on their cheeks.

Never mind that the thermometer reads below freezing when we head out the door on the way to school. Or that they still need hats when we go hiking. Or the existence of snow on the peaks of the mountains behind our house.

Pay no mind to any of that People. Boo and Licious can feel Spring in their bones.

Especially this one.

She is even trying to convince our cat Truman.

I don't know girls. Maybe it's my freezing toes. Or my incredibly congested head. Maybe it is me not wanting to suffer the chill that shutters through my body just for the fleeting moment of sunshine warmth on my cheeks.

But surely if we keep plugging along Spring will be here soon. And perhaps the forecast of 70 degree weather this weekend will be all it takes to convert me to your kind of thinking.



Amy @ Park City Girl said...

cute post Dana! My girls are pretty sure it's spring here too - they were talking about snow here tomorrow thou . . . your weekend sounds more promising :)

MelissaS said...

Now I know I live in the South, but it's been cold here the last couple of days too. And they're predicting 70 degrees this weekend for us too! I'm so excited!

I'll probably be doing my Happy Dance on Friday when the weather changes....I'm might even try to get Hubbie on the tennis courts...hmmmm

Lene said...

It is this time of the year that I feel like living in the southwest is on a completely different planet. We have been in the mid-80's all week and I have a feeling that our short little spring is going to soon be over and summer and it's unforgiving heat will be here all too soon.

Artfulife said...

We had a little taste of spring last week, and woke up this morning to snow on the ground. The girls are super excited to start our garden (first one for all of us, wish us luck) and plant our fruit trees. Spring will be here soon, and I can't wait either.

Elissa said...

fun, fun, hats!!!!!!!

i think i'm going to have to wait a bit for spring here, but the sun is out today, so i'll take it.

amylouwho said...

Winter, winter go away.
Bring us spring - RIGHT AWAY!

i'm with these two.

Cindy said...

Great pictured-I've also heard the whispers and rumors that spring is coming but somehow the 9 inches of snow we have here in CT leads to think it's MIA!

Salem Stitcher said...

Those sweet smiles!

Yes, spring is on its way. In spite of the snow still on my patio, I can feel it too.

ancient one said...

Cute pictures and I'm almost convinced that spring is close...when the hats and jackets come off.. I'll know for sure...LOL

Brenda said...

Children can have fun no matter what the weather is like. Your pictures reflect that. I need to order some of your wonderful soap!

Wesley Jeanne said...

Ahhh but wasn't it just perfect today? Yes, yes, I think it's coming. Please please tell me it'll be here soon.

Love those smiles on the girls!

Chris said...

Love the pictures of your girls enjoying the woods and the milder weather!

We made it to 61 degrees today here in MI, and my boys were outside basking in it too. Yea, Spring!! (we're trying to ignore the meteorologists' warnings that we still have more winter to come in March!)

susan said...

these gals are so cute. i am sure you will be seeing spring way before me. it just keeps on snowing. spring offically starts in a couple weeks but i think it will be much late here. ho hum, hopefully we have a summer this year. not complaining just hoping for a little bit more sunny days. but i know it will be beautiful and all the birds will be back demanding more food than ever on their way to where ever. i love is trully magical in these parts.

tipper said...

I love their spirit-and I hope they are right!! I'm ready for spring.

Jaimee said...

This weekend weather is definitely helping. No hats on our hike today!!!