Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On to a zig zag quilt

I wrapped up the quilt along quilt here a few weeks ago. But did you know that the Flickr group is alive and kicking and on to quilt #2?

We are now making a zig zag quilt and I'm so excited. My friend Amy is leading the way and she is breaking it down and making it perfect for beginners or advanced quilters alike.

Yep. Skedaddle on over there and join the fun!

Scoot! Off with you!



wishes, true and kind said...

Hi, Dana. I have been anxiously waiting for the first instructions on the zigzag quilt that were to go up on July 20, but can't find them. I have a feeling they're right there in front of my face, but I'm just not seeing them. Can you give me a clue about where to look for them. My apologies in advance if this is a dumb question (and, yes, despite the overused phrase, "There are no stupid questions," I am a firm believer that there are =).


wishes, true and kind said...

Okay -- I just proved my own point about stupid questions by returning to the Flickr site and finding the instructions almost immediately. Perhaps if I didn't look for things like that at 11:00 at night or 6:00 in the morning I would have more luck. Time for my latte, I guess!

Anyway -- I really look forward to participating in this group and seeing all the creativity flow!

smallgrapes said...

So, so tempted..AGGGHHHH!!!

NicNacManiac said...

Gotta get me a new sewing machine and then I'm so going to join the group. Your work is so lovely, I could only wish to make my quilt in the shadow of your creativity.
Thanks so much for all of your inspiration!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

amylouwho said...

I still need to figure out what fabric I'm going to use!!

I need to go get that button up on my blog too. Thanks to you and Amy for all your hard work!

Pearl Maple said...

Quilting along is a great theme, good project to be working on through the summer.

Darling puppy photos, they are the cutest things.

julie said...

K, so this would be my second quilt, after following your quilt along. And I am not really familiar with flikr... so I am kind of confused. Could you tell me how much fabric I need. I loved the way you spelled out on yours exactly what I needed to start. Maybe I am just not seeing it on flikr. Help if you can, or maybe point me in the right direction.

Do I have to join flikr to follow? (I'm with the first comment, I know this probably sounds stupid!:))

Dorianne said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago and cranked out my first quilt using the quilt along instructions in a little under 2 weeks. I've become obsessed:) Love your blog and thanks for the great tutorial.