Monday, November 9, 2009

Good training

Over the weekend we took a road trip to deliver and finally meet one of our wholesale buyers for Old Red Barn Co. Kate and her uber-cool dog Bella own and operate a gift shop in Black Mountain, North Carolina called Mountain Spirit Gifts. We've been doing business with each other for awhile and figured it was time we met in person.

The girls loved Bella. She could do the most amazing tricks and the entire drive home was spent with talk and plans on how they were going to train Harpo and Scout to do the same cool stuff.

Kids think that puppies should sit when you say sit. Because they should just know what that means. And if they don't sit when you ask them then maybe it is because they didn't hear you. So they yell it. Sit!

Razor explained that you have to show them what to do. You have to teach them the command. Razor said, "Licious, you have to show them what lay down means."

So, Licious fell to the ground and said "Lay down! Like this!!"

Something tells me it'll be awhile before our puppies know all the tricks that Bella does. Call it a hunch.



corinnea said...

You probably need to have the camera ready to record the events to come..... then post them please, cause it should be funny.

ircabbit said...

It would be a great learning experience for your kids to show them how to train the puppies, but boy are you going to need patience. :) Good luck!

CJ said...

It will be a fun project for them and a dog that knows a few tricks AND knows simple commands to sit and stay is so much more fun to be around. I'll bet you could find a good book at the library or pet store to help with the fun training.

susan said...

i am still laughing...lay down like this...did she have her tongue hangin is such a cute visual.

ksrunt said...

Black Mountain is such a wonderful place. Thanks for the great laugh and training lesson.

amylouwho said...

that is SO funny! The only thing we trained our dog to do was smile. But it wasn't on purpose she just started doing it. Unfortunately it looked like she was just baring her teeth and getting ready to attack you! (no worries. she looked like Toto - she really couldn't have hurt anyone!)

Em said...

That is hilarious! Do you guys live near Tipper Pressley by any chance?

momawake said...

Silly comment...but please tell me what uber means and where it came from. I've seen this before. (I must be getting old, although mid-40s, doesn't seem old.)

Birgit said...

Hi Dana,

Here the ü (and Ü just in case you need it in upper case) to explain the uber (or rather über) to momawake even better. :)

It will be great to see how Harpo and Scout learn to SIT! :)


razor said...

our girls will put horse wispere to shame