Saturday, January 16, 2010

They are at it again

Razor and his adventure racing team (Paradophobia) are back at it this weekend for a 30 hour race.

I am following him online here. While at home. In my pj's. Nice and warm. Well rested. And fed.

There is a chance for freezing rain after all.



Amber said...

That's just amazing...good luck to Razor and his team!

grandmarockton said...

It amazing what the young will do! Good Luck

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Good luck to Razor and his team!!

Salem Stitcher said...

You at home in your pj's warm, rested and fed - a very wise woman. Your husband out there doing those crazy things in the cold, wet world - a nutty man...awe-inspiring but nutty. I'd like to think I'd be out there accomplishing such wonderful feats but no...I am also a wise woman at home in my pj's warm fed and rested.

Go Razor! Go Team!

(Go Dana...let's get some hot chocolate!)

Libby said...

HA!! Somebody has to keep the home warm and cozy, might as well be you! Good Luck Razor!

DeeRoo said...

Went to Harper's Ferry again yesterday and there were 4 kayaker's on the Shenandoah so I thought of you at home snuggle warm with your girls!:)

sarah, rsm said...

I like your approach - warm, comfy clothes and seats for the watching. Good luck, Razor!