Monday, February 15, 2010

Just like in the olden days

We got together with friends over the weekend. For sledding and hiking and cooking on the bonfire.

One of the dads wanted to teach all the kids about how people made fires before lighters and matches. So he led them off into the woods to find lighter pine.

And he made them gather kindling.

And started the fire with his homemade bow drill.

I was impressed. I appreciate fire more than I ever did before.

And matches. I really appreciate matches.


P.S. Oh. And just so you know, I could totally win Survivor now.


Lillian said...

That looks like SUCH a great time!! Love all of the kids in their snow gear!

Deb said...

You could... I always wonder why no quilter ends up on survivor! 30+ days with nothing much to do.

DeeRoo said...

Ah...but wouldn't you miss your soap?;)

AnnieO said...

Aren't we spoiled with our modern conveniences like gas stoves and electric ignition to light it? Most of us wouldn't survive Survivor, good to know you would :P

amylouwho said...

FUN!! Snow days are the best. I just wish I could take my kids sledding. I think that's on the list of no-nos for pregnant women.

Bloggy Mama said...

That looks fantastic!

corinnea said...

Very cool. Try them with flint and steel next, that's what made me really appreciate matches!

Dena said...

What a fun time. Did you have marshmellows too? I'm all about the marshmellows.

Susan said...

Oh, fun! I think everyone should know how to do that. Do you ever watch Man vs. Wild? Bear Grylls- he's great!

We call than kind of pine "fat lighter" wood and it smells just like turpentine. The tree has to die at just the right time, full of that sap stuff, for it to make the wood so hard and flammable. We don't have any pine trees on our property, so we never find any of it. You're lucky if you find a tree like that!

My DH could win Survivor but I worry about the others with him, he's a bit ruthless and intolerant of people. lol I couldn't enter, couldn't go that long without dental floss. :)