Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Home from traveling
Alone there and alone here
No new posts till now

My mom's sewing chair
Now happily at my house
1970's cool

Playing with fabric
Pressing, snipping, sewing.  Ahhh!
Dude.  Whole day ahead.



trish said...

Hi Dana.
What a great sewing chair! Will you leave it as is or paint?
Love what you are working on. :o)
Hoping your week has been a great one.
Sincerely ~ Tricia
Ps. I have a link about bartering, on my blog now. :o) Drop by anytime, I will be adding as I go. Right now it is mainly crystal, but will add more stones as I photograph them. :o)

alice said...

You are creative in so many ways. Love the new block. Great colors. L,A-

DeeRoo said...

Half square triangles
Wish they were at my house now
Please will you not share?

xoxo :p

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

Oh nice half square - and the chair is awesome. What a score.

Kimberly said...

Should be... Hi, Cute!

Can I copy your layout sometime?

scottylover said...

Lovely! The sewing chair has the same fabric we had on a rocking chair growing up! How fun!

Sandy A

corinnea said...

Dana you're so cool
Fun family, quilts and stuff
Glad you're home again

Yes, I should be sleeping instead of writing bad haiku..... you started it.

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

I love your haiku!
Jealous of Denyse Schmidt stash.
What a neat new chair.

sarah, rsm said...

dana, you're so cool
quilts and kids and teaching, too
where do you find time?

grendelskin said...

What a touching post;
New HSTs are lovely,
Sounds like you had fun.

Libby said...

Enjoy your day!!

Elissa said...

so many fun things i could comment on, but DUDE, that chair!!!! groovy.

Kristen said...

I neeed to play with the Katie! It makes everything so sweet. I so think one of my friends, who I haven't seen in a while, has the exact fabric matching chair!

Love the haiku!

Elissa said...

my head hangs in shame
i need coffee for haikus
the chair porn threw me

kirsten said...

Thinking in haiku
so early in the morning
You are my sensai.

brown robin said...

Haiku?! Ah... my dear. Your brain cells are all just flitting along. This is a good thing that signals rest and creativity, if you ask me. Have fun with it, friend.

VeeV said...

hi dana
love the pin cushion,,, and your moms chair - so sweet.

as always your blog

Jessica Christensen said...

Love the haikus. Was your house devoid of other life forms? Is that why you were able to be alone with your thoughts? =)

Pearl Maple said...

Nice to have a sewing chair that means something to you in your creative space.

What fun to take a moment to play with colorful fabric peices.