Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Worth repeating

I've waxed poetic about my love for this before.  However, I am obliged to repeat myself.

Since I cannot buy it locally, having it around makes it feel like cause for celebration.

Party on.



Jessica Christensen said...

What a tragedy that you can't buy that locally. It's apt that you have it placed next to some Bliss. Love that stuff (the fabric AND the soda).

Trudi said...

Well, being as I'm not likely to come across it (like ever! LOL) all I can say is sit back, savour and enjoy!

Kim said...

Mmmmmmm instant flashback
Creme soda!
I can't find it anywhere.....where do they distribute this stuff?
do they just want us to beg?
any why or why can't I get a Wegman's in my town.

enjoy some for me and
Happy sewing

Judy said...

Yum!...Cream Soda!

Elissa said...

oh jones cream soda, how i love you. but more in a bottle than in a can. SOOO sorry to hear you can't find it around there. how did you smuggle some in? when i come to visit, i'll bring you a stash :-)

best. frickin. cream. soda. EVER.

scottylover said...

Oh, how I love creme soda! Going to have to see if I can find this one around here. Is it a red creme or a white? Doesn't really matter, I love both! :)

Sandy A

DeeRoo said...

Ah...creme soda is great...creame soda at Dana's house is even better!;P

xo my package...gonna be hard to part with that stuff but it is for presents!:)

Em said...

Yum! I love cream soda! Where are you able to buy it? I had one once... but can't remember what kind it was... so smooth and creamy and just YUMMY! Haven't had a 'good' one since!

Artfulife said...

Okay, I'm going to go and buy some this weekend & see what this hulabaloo is all about!