Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost wordless. Never speechless.

It'll be slightly quiet around here for a bit.

As we're working on projects both inside and out. 

I've got much paint color investigating to do after the last post.  Thank you for the great suggestions.  And that fifty pound bag of potatoes isn't going to plant itself.  Nor are the peas, beets, kale or onions.  And I'm going to get a carrot to grow this spring if it kills me.

A giant stack of pillow forms waiting to be transformed.  Wonder when I'll get to that.

Plus we've got dinosaurs, the best mexcian food on earth, dancing with 150 others, driving, studying, more driving and swimming in our immediate future.

Like I said.  It might be a tad bit quiet around here.



Trudi said...

Gotta love Spring! Such a productive time! Happy Days! Enjoy!

Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

Pretty Dresden's!!

Elissa said...

can you believe it is SNOWING here AGAIN????

is that house still vacant? ;-)

no wait, seriously.

**nicke... said...

i love your dresdens and can't wait to see what you do with those pillow forms!

Kim said...

I'll enjoy the snow for today and stay inside and sew.....but oh will I be envious when you start showing that bountiful harvest of yours.

Happy Spring, enjoy the smell of the earth in your hands today ;0)

commonthreads said...

Love the dresdens (at least that's what I think they are!).

DeeRoo said...

WhoooHoooo...does that mean DC is soon!!!!

Peg said...

Fifty pounds of potatoes to plant does not equal quiet in my book. Just sayin'.

HomespunHeidi said...

You living your life is what makes this blog so interesting; so enjoy yourself, live it up and come back with some wonderful stories for the rest of us. Blessings!

Beginning Quilting said...

I'm seeing great fabrics! You really have great taste in choosing the fabrics that you used in your projects. I'm also excited on what you'll do with the pillows! Good luck!

Pearl Maple said...

Good luck with all your projects and plans and ~ have fun!

VeeV said...

i want to know about that lovely red cushion on the top of the pile!!!!


brown robin said...

Hot diggity! The bathroom is lookin awesome. I know what you mean about the garden. You must be getting dumped on at the moment... it has swayed my plans for the garden this weekend. All that's in is the 20 lb of potatoes and we're cruisin toward April. Yikes.

Kim said...

How is the planting going?
Did you get that storm yesterday?

17 here last night.......our last frost free date is Memorial day! Yes really!

Darn you'll be harvesting some stuff by then! peas and spinach for sure!

Missing you in blogland,
Happy Sewing

Heather said...

Love your dresden plates! Love you! Loved your garden and hope! We have our own version here. . . fennel, garlic alive after the winter, lettuce, berries and ready to plant those tubers!