Monday, March 14, 2011

Dresden plates and adventure race . . .hey that rhymes sorta

Got all 720 blades sewn and am now assembling them into the dresden plates.  Liking the repetitiveness of it right now.  Let's my mind think and wander as I sew.  Hard for it to wander any place but on Japan.

Razor had his first adventure race of 2011.  He's home today and incredibly loopy.  I'm used to him being a little out of it after a 30 hour race of biking, trekking, paddling, running and whatnot but he is really silly today.  He banged up his knee pretty badly but they came in 5th place. He's happy and loppy.

That's him there on the left with his two teammates.  They are seriously hard core.  But Razor takes it easy on his family.  Sure I see him roll his eyes or take an unusually deep breath when he is out hiking with the girls and I.  Probably because we get hung up in a sticker bush and can't free ourselves without his help.  Or cause I'm complaining about the incline on my poor ankles.  Or swatting at pesky bugs. 

::Eh-hem:: Thank heaven for his teammates.  Way to go!  I seriously don't know how you do it but I'm so happy that you love it and manage to live to tell about it!

Finally, I'm going to be taking care of some business here this week on the blog.  Planning an Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along get together at The Sewing Summit.  Plan on talking more about that and hopefully getting some commitments from many of you.  Also, I'm thinking about selling a few quilts here on the blog unless that is offensive.  I could sell them directly on my website or open an etsy shop but I'm thinking about destashing some fabric and selling a few quilts at the same time.  If you have an opinion one way or another feel free to share it.


Rhonda said...

love the fabrics you are using for your dresden. and congrats to Razor on the finish.

Nili said...

Another quilt along...I can't wait....I;ll be better prepared this time around!
I don't think that selling a couple quilts or destashing some fabric on your blog is offensive at all...just give me a secret heads up..ha!

Elissa said...

well, you KNOW what i think of that :-)

i, too, am amazed by your hubby and his pals. yeesh. i think it would kill me. but so cool to be that passionate about something!!!

Jennifer said...

Dana, the dresdens are coming along beautifully! And I don't think anyone would be opposed to your selling quilts and destashing here on your site. :)

sarah, rsm said...

go for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in the plate! They go so well together.

DebbyMc said... got my heart utterly racing with that first photo! You know I absolutely love these fabrics. This is going to be amazing. Nice that your DH has a little something to keep him busy...haha! No probs for me on what you post on your blog =-)

Trudi said...

Loving the desdens :) beautiful! DH is clearly focused on what he loves, his family AND adventure racing, wtg! Dana, sell your quilt any place you want, as long as it makes you happy :) Offended? No, definitely not, always love to see creativity :) Enjoy those precious moments :)

Corinnea said...

Your newest quilt will be lovely.
Your hubby's adventures are impressive. I too am grateful for the fact that my husband has people he does the rough stuff with!
Your quilt-alongs always make me want to join. Then I don't. Cause I can't seem to make the time. Then I wish I just would have.
Of course you should sell your quilts where ever you want to!

Jen said...

Hi Dana!
I love your new quilt!
Not offended's your blog...sell/destash and I'll still be a major fan:)

Christy said...

The dresdens are going to make a beautiful quilt! And I think you should definitely sell/destash here on your blog.

I cannot wait for The Sewing Summit. I'm all booked and ready to go. Just need to pack! :)

Artichoke Alley said...

I love checking in with what you're doing and would love to see some of the quilts you will be destashing/selling...not offensive to me!

Karen P. said...

I'd love to see the quilts you want to sell & destashs are so fun!

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

1.) Love the fabric combo on your plates! I am impressed. I could not do that.

2.) Yay Razor!

3.) Sell away! It's your blog so you do what YOU want! :) Besides, everyone will have a blast seeing what wares you'll be peddling.

Trish said...

Dana--can I just tell you that over the past year or two I've subscribed to a handful of quilting blogs, but yours is the one I get excited about when I see a new post pop up in my Google Reader. Love what you do here--bringing together all the different facets of life.

Also--I love the Dresden Plates. Have you done a tutorial or have one you'd recommend OR do a tutorial yourself? Reminds me of a beautiful quilt my grandmother has on a guest bed and I'd love to try my hand at my own.

All the best--hope you have a ridiculously happy Friday. ;)

Mudrunner said...

Wow, that was a great adventure. Nice pics, and Congratulations that you made it through.