Friday, April 8, 2011


Spring break starts as soon as I pick the girls up from school today. And that can only mean one thing. . . we girls head to Nana and Papa's for the week and Razor undertakes a gargantuan home improvement task that no mere mortal should be able to complete in one week.  This year it will be priming and painting the new ceiling that he installed in the bathroom and bedroom.  And installing the wood flooring in each.  And staining it.  And sealing it.  And trimming it all out. 

Oh.  And painting all the walls in said bathroom and bedroom.

All while working his normal day job.


Speaking of slackers, I'm checking out of this space for the next week.  Gonna enjoy spring break and actually take a break.  I'm feeling run down from all the travels lately and I just want to rest up.  Well, rest up, eat well, play board games, look for shells at the beach, and hang with some of my favorite people on the planet.  All while my most favorite person sits at home eating bon-bons.

We'll catch up again soon.


P.S.  Isn't that scotch bottle the cutest thing ever?  The plastic "roof" comes off to reveal the bottle spout.  Any info on it?  Or suggestions what I should do with it?


Amber said...

Have a great I'm sure Razor will as well :-)

Kimberly said...

Have a great SB with your family, Dana! My girls went back to school this week so we're back to normal... and in the home stretch for summer.

And good luck to your hubby... sounds like he might need it!

Blessings, Kimberly

DeeRoo said...

Shells, boardgames, food...perfect!:)

Marbles...put marbles in the bottle!:)

DebbyMc said...

Yeah, it's the old while the cat's away the mice will play thing...I have the same problem with DH when I am away for the summer! haha! =-) Have a BLAST on your Spring Break!!

Jacque. said...

Have a great time away from it all, Dana!

Trudi said...

Sounds just perfect! Spring break started here too! I'm so ready for it! Have a restful one!

April said...

Scotchy, scotch, scotch! Don't know anything about your Scotch house but it's really cool.

Enjoy the break!!

Elissa said...

uh. drink it. ;-)

hope you are enjoying your down time.... be safe and enjoy the beach for me too wouldja?

Kim said...

WooHoo you shouldna told me Razor was gonna be home alone!
Just kidding :0)

Have a terrific time....I'm sure your folks can not wait for all that time with their special grands....
hey do you lock them out of the car and make them dance to get back in?

Love a video of that :0)

Happy Sewing, Happy Spring

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh I love the little gnome - as for the bottle - could you turn it into a bird feeder someway?

upvc windows northern ireland said...

good luck on your spring break with the kids!! and i'm sure razor will need a lot of good luck as well.. :D

Jessica Christensen said...

I hope you're enjoying spring break, slacker. You deserve it.