Monday, July 18, 2011


This summer hasn't felt like summer yet to me.  I know the calender says that it is mid July and I certainly know that the thermometer reads high temps but it just hasn't been "summer" yet to me.

I don't know why.  I think it might be because winter felt too short.  And spring too.  So for me to fully embrace summer and accept it hook, line and sinker has been difficult.  I just haven't found my groove.  My rhythm.  My relaxed attitude that speaks summer.

However,  we got a call inviting us to the lake yesterday and it might have been just what I needed to turn the corner.

Strike that.  It was just what I needed to surrender blissfully into summer.




Tina said...

I'm having the same problem. We live 10 minutes away from 3 beautiful beaches and we haven't gone once yet. I've been trying to finish some projects, kids were at camp, busy, busy. Today might be the day! To the beach!!

Kim said...

Gorgeous setting, family at your side, glad you let your hair down and enjoy the gift of summer.
To me it is quickly passing by!

Happy sewing

Lynne S of Oz said...

Lovely! Enjoy it whilst you can.
We are already getting signs of spring - the wattle is blooming along with the hardenbergia (the latter normally flowers at the start of August).

Elissa said...


i think that's my issue too. somehow we just haven't had one of those weekends yet.. no camping, no vacationing, no complete wind-down. still waiting for mine to arrive :-)

DebbyMc said...

Not being in my little summer house yet this season, I was feeling the same thing...until this last weekend...DD and I made the long drive to the Sierras and camped in our tent beside the water, under giant sequoias, and watched the full moon rise between the trees on Friday as we sat by our campfire, just the two of us, no boys =-)...truly heavenly and the company was sweet and filled my heart. Yay for summer...finally!! =-)

Shorty said...

What a beautiful lake! So glad you're summer is off to a great start. Here in Hot Flat Concrete, Texas it sucks. I'm dreaming of my escape. I'm confident it will come when my son graduates from high school and we move to a more beautiful environment. Until then I need to increase my travel fund.

Beth said...

I'm having the same problem here; only I live in Oregon and it seems to be staying under 70 this summer. Not one day has hit 90 and very few even 80....and it's still raining! I'm having a hard time even believing the rest of the states are in a heat wave! Oh, well, it makes for some great sewing days.

Trudi said...

Blissful, glad you found the right groove :) School hols start here friday, I can't wait, I'm in desperate need of a little summertime too :)