Sunday, August 21, 2011


As each year passes you own it. My heart breaks a little bit. But soars even more.

Strong and capable.  Observant and kind.  Figuring it out.  Finding your way.

As a child you've seen life through a borrowed lens. Now you've found your own and are fingering it gently.

I'm grateful this shift is gentle and diaphanous.

I was watching you paint today.  You dipped the paint filled brush into clear water.  That ocean blue hue danced and swirled through that cup leaving it better than it was before it was there.  Just as you've done to me the last twelve years.  Your paintings are becoming your own.

I look forward to each new masterpiece.  I love you.



Lisa said...

Very sweet post. Time does seem to sneak by us doesn't it?! Looks like you are savoring every moment.

Regina said...

I love that first picture! Your birthday posts for the girls are such treasures - I love reading them!

DeeRoo said...

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes Boo!!!

May you swing and paint and play with legos to your hearts delight...and hopefully enjoy a cookout on that BBQ I see in one of the photos!

ps....we may be in your neck of the mountains in Oct!!:)

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Wah! Our youngest leaves for college on Wednesday and your words made me burst into tears. The years go by so quickly! May your beautiful daughter continue to shine and blossom. Blessed girl to be treasured so. I want mine to be 12 again.

oh, jenny mae said...

oh, man. that first shot is ridiculous! so so beautiful. happiest of days to your baby.

DebbyMc said...

I'm so choked up and teary after reading this...beautiful child, beautiful words. My DD is moving across the country in a month, so this post really hit me. You are such a sweet, good mom; it's no wonder your girls are so awesome!

Mama Said Sew said...

Such a lovely young woman. You're doing a great job Mama. Happy Birthday Boo!

Kim said...

the last of childhood and the beginning of womanhood is just around the corner. these post are the best and I know the girls will look back with thanks at the portraits you capture of their childhood. I am number 5 of seven children and have no pictures of myself other than one 3 year old shot then my high school graduation picture.

Happy sewing, and happy twelve sweet girl.

**nicke... said...

thanks for making me cry dana! ;)

Trudi said...

12 Already? Beautiful post, beuatiful pictures, I feel blessed to share these precious moments :) Makes me realise how quickly mine grow. Hope Boo had a wonderful day x