Thursday, September 22, 2011

The all elk all the time channel! Just you wait!

I think you should be forewarned that for the next month or so this blog may appear to have been highjacked by wild elk.  For reals.

Why?  Becuase we went camping last week near elk in our state.  So that means there may or may not be more than one gratuitous shot of elk in this hare post.  [please note - "this hare" should be read using your best southern drawl.  otherwise it is just plain silly and gramitically incorrect.]

Then I'm traveling to Utah for The Sewing Summit and Razor is coming with me. Don't worry.  He won't actually be at The Sewing Summit as I will have kicked him out before all that fun starts.  This reminds me that I better start getting ready to teach my class while there . . . I'm such a kidder.  Instead he will be staying in and around Park City for a few days and then we will meet back up on Sunday and drive to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park.  Queue more elk photos.

But wait there's more.

After we arrive back home from Yellowstone and I've tackled my children, inhaled their heavenly scent and make them promise to never move away from home, Razor then heads to Kentucky to compete in the 2011 Adventure Racing Championship.  And Kentucky has a booming elk population.  And he's promised to take pictures.

Wacky right?

Okay.  Back to the camping trip last weekend.

We group camped with five additional families.  There is a troupe of us that try to do that at least a couple of times a year.  The adults love it.  The kids can't hardly ever wait for it.  And we all manage to relax, take long walks, ride bikes, eat good food and tell funny stories.

The two night stay went by far too quickly and now sitting here on a Thursday morning recounting the trip, it all seems a bit hazy, blurry and dreamy.  Like, did-it-really-happen-or-was-it-just-a-dream kind of thing. 



Bring on the elk again!

Alrighty then. 

I'll just be sitting here hoping you love the look of wildlife as much as I do. 



Dirt Road Quilter said...

Love your amazing photos! Makes me want to build a log cabin right there where I can see and hear the running water and the bugling elk. Looks like absolute heaven.

ScrappinSassy said...

Those are amazing pics you got of the elk! I love them!! I'm a fan of elk myself {actually any wildlife}, so I'll be checking back frequently :)

Jacque. said...

Love, love, LOVE the photos, Dana! Keep 'em coming!

Kim said...

There really is something special about seeing wildlife in the wild isn't there? Like you, it always gives me a thrill. The first time I saw an elk I could not believe how HUGE they are.
Looks like you had a great time....enjoy your travels, Fall is my favorite time to travel.
I look forward to your pictures from out west!

Happy Sewing, Safe tavels

Jen said...

WOW! The racks on those bulls are amazing!! I'll be forwarding this post to all my hunting lovers so they can drool over this!!

DebbyMc said...

Oh, I do =-) And I love camping. I'm excited you are going to Yellowstone! It's SUCH an amazing place. With lots of elk. For sure. =-) Once, DH almost started a bison stampede there. Really. I'm looking forward to more photos!

**nicke... said...

i see a lot of "nice rack" comments in your future with the promise of more elk pictures! we were in park city a couple weeks ago and had a fantastic time, i am sure razor will love it.

Dena said...

THat camping trip sounds heavenly and those I would be impressed too. So jealous you will be loving on everyone at the summitt and so jealous you are going to yellowstone. Dont get eaten by any bears. You are smarter than that. no running or screaming allowed.

Elissa said...

you could be the "all toads, all the time" station, and i'd tune in dear :-)

Kelly O. said...

oh I'm glad you had a great vacay! you deserve it! Heck! I deserve it-- I think I need a vacay too!
queue the elk.... :)

Leslie said...

my hubby grew up in Utah and does a really funny but accurate elk impression!!!! sewing summit is going to be so much fun for everyone that is going...i am bummed that i can not. What fun you will have meeting all those bloggers

Trish said...

Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy your trips! (and the Elk).