Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trees know

It's been a long, hot summer. 

And I've wondered more than once when this blasted heat was going to break.

And though autumn seems like it will never get here, the trees know otherwise.

Mother Nature always knows.

Thanks to generous friends that shared their apples with us, we now have over three gallons of applesauce in our freezer.



jlk said...

I love to make apple butter when the weather turns cooler. It just makes my whole house smell like fall.

Trudi said...

Mmm Delicious! We planted an apple tree earlier this year, our one apple (yes just one!) is waiting for us both to share it's goodness :) Enjoy! (It's turned very autumnal here - dreadful weather!)

Lucy said...

yum! I'm going to go eat some apples! I just shared a pic of ours on my blog:

**nicke... said...

mmmmm... i can almost smell it. my house smells like dill. 22 pints of pickled green beans. tonight it will smell like salsa!

VeeV said...



Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

I want to raid your freezer- first the tomato sauce and now apple sauce. Yum.

DebbyMc said...

I love making applesauce!

Leslie said...

i love homemade applesauce...these pictures are fantastic

Kim said...

hmmmmm I bet it smelled wonderful!
You are so ambitious!

Happy Sewing

Ellyse V. Girod said...

I found your blog through my aunt and I must say you are truly inspiring. I'm a soon to be mother and find your crafts and homemade goodies incredible! Keep in up, mama!