Monday, October 24, 2011


Oh October.  I wait for you from the moment the calender turns November.  You usher in mornings that our breath is visible with each puff, an excuse to pull out favorite sweaters and a glimpse of how hunkered down we shall become this winter.

This October has been all travel-y and busy-y and loverly just the same.  It was nice to take a break from this space over the past weeks.  With all that has been going on I found myself doing lots of things and none of them very well.  Stepping back has allowed me to refocus.  I'm back being present in whatever current activity I find myself.

Here are tidbits of our recent days that have passed without a mention in this space.

This oh-so-me tin was a gift from Summer.  She was almost apologetic when she gave it to me saying, "well it only cost 25 cents" but that was only because she didn't know that that fact alone would make me love it even more than I already did.  Squee!

Yesterday the girls and I surveyed the ongoing nightly damage to our yard by wild hogs.  Those little buggers -- or big buggers depending -- have been coming down the mountain behind our house and ravishing everything in their path for the last two weeks.  Our yard hasn't suffered too badly but several of our neighbors have been destructively torn up.  Luckily the game warden has been out, permits have been signed and traps have been set.  My normally quiet country road has been well traveled by hunters and I learned last evening that two have been trapped.  Hogs that is.  Not hunters.

Wild hog nonsense aside, the trip around our yard yesterday caused me to harvest the last of the pepper crop.  This basket is teeming with poblano, banana, green and jalapeno peppers.  I plan to roast and freeze them this week. 

Razor returned late yesterday from the 2011 Adventure Racing Championship.  It was a grueling, non-stop 24 hour race across a 100 + mile course.  This culminates a successful racing season with a first place finish in his open elite division as well as the first place ranked team in our state.

The sweet gals behind are offering 10% your order total from their website.  I've purchased a frugal-ista t-shirt from them for myself as well as a teacher-ista for a teacher friend.  Enter Promo Code: SEW to redeem your 10% at checkout.  Thanks Marlee and Amy!

Last, but certainly not least, we've started a new round over on the Flickr quilt along group.  This time around Deb from New Zealand is leading us in a scrappy Dresden quilt along.  And get this!  You don't need any fancy template or pattern to make it.  She has only just now listed the fabric requirements so hop over and join us.


Tidbits are good for catching up.



Sara said...

What an adorable red container;)

Sorry about the hogs--they must be nasty:(

Such a sweet Dresden plate!

Jane said...

Wild hogs are horrible! They did amazing damage to my mother's yard and they're just about impossible to control.

jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

Dana! Trying to catch up on some blog reading this morning and saw your "new to me" header! LOVE....

DeeRoo said...

Hahahaha!! Only you would have damage from wild hogs!!!:) Us...the freaking deer are everywhere....evidently our county has the biggest population of deer in the whole state!

Confreaking grats to Razor...that's awesome and we bow to him!;)

Trudi said...

I guess those hogs have a place in nature just not nurturing your garden! I'm in for the Dresdens - feel a cushion (sorry pillow) coming on! WTG Razor!

VeeV said...

you see.... i love the pepper pic...(i think the hogs shoulda snagged a few of them, they may have been hot-to-trot afterward) BUT.... the basket they're in......oo-la-la!!!!

susan said...

the basket of peppers looks wonderful. i am trying to get my garlic in but everyday after radiation treatment i am so wiped out i just crawl into bed for a nap. i need to get in the ground before it freezes. it snowed this evening, it melted as it hit the ground but if it continues thruout the nite it will be white in the a.m. :-)