Monday, December 5, 2011

A December kick-off kind of weekend

Both girls were in our hometown Christmas parade on Saturday.  I'd spent a good portion of the week helping create the float so it was nice to see it win best in show.  Afterward, we drove to a neighboring town to see it lit up with luminaries.

Sunday was spent putting the tree up.  And come to find out . . . which I've really known all along but just shrug off and try to forget . . .  I don't like the actual process of decorating for the holiday.  I love it when it's done but the process?  Not so much.

That being said, however, I love having Christmas music on the holiday satellite television station and guessing the singers.  And getting a surprising amount of them right.  All. Day. Long.



Jacque. said...

Okay, so my first question is...where is the float the girls were on? I'm with you...I don't like the actual process of putting up the holiday stuff. So, I don't. {grin} I was thinking (hoping?) that there might be some elk in the parade???

**nicke... said...

i love home town parades. they are the funnest.

Trudi said...

The Holidays mean so much to so many, personally I resist decorating and putting up the tree until the week before Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Kim said...

Small town America......looks like a nice place to live.
Yeah Dana decorating is a lot like work.....drag all the stuff out....makes a huge mess, decorate and then ya gotta put it all away.
Well, it's for the kids right? don't have that many Christmas's left to decorate for them.....really! :0).They are growing up fast.
Hey you did it right!!!

Happy Sewing and Merry Merry

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Wow, your little home town sorta looks a lot like my little home town! Our Christmas parade was the best in many years! Maybe people are getting back to the simple life in theses the hardest of times all around?

Pamela said...

What your float won!?! Girl, give yourself some major props. Is that your house with the wreaths, bows and garlands? Regardless its beautiful. I don't mind decorating the fresh smell of pine is totally worth it.

Dena said...

Love the picture of the small town. Has a great feel to it. Are you getting snow now? Lumanaries are huge out here. Fun to see.