Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing and choosing this week

I've got jury duty this week.  I spent all morning in the court room.  Wasn't picked.  But have to call after 5:30 today to see if I am to return tomorrow.  Chances are I will spend tomorrow doing the same thing.  So of course this has got me all out of whack of how to move through my day and get everything done that I normally do.  Plus, the girls and I are traveling this weekend to a dance and music festival so I'm feeling extra out of sorts in preparation for that.

Plus, last June a nasty thunderstorm rolled over our house causing all sorts of havoc.  Our cellar took on several inches of water as it rushed in straight through the dirt walls.  This pile above is evidence that a crew is in there fixing it this week.  In fact, as I sit here typing this I can hear one of them singing a silly song as he builds a cinder block wall.  This building crew is owned by a dear friend for which I am grateful because I know the job will be done right.

Turning 180 degrees from the previous picture is this fine pile of mulch and mushroom compost.  Razor is adding more permanent beds to the vegetable garden area this year.  We always plant after Mother's Day and these supplies mean we'll be ready.

Busy, busy.  Lots of things going on.  But instead of the chaos and the resulting out-of-whack-i-ness that I feel as a result, I'm choosing to see all the good stuff.  Like the asparagus springing out of the dirt.

Never mind the weeds at it's feet.  Besides, these aren't weeds.  They are three four leaf clovers!

And look!  Future apples!

Future blueberries!

Future strawberries!

Future grapes!

And most importantly, a future garden hand!



Jacque. said...

I'm like that situation, I would be totally out of whack, too. But, loving your photos and your attitude.

Sara said...

Jury duty I vote for none today mam!!

Oh your garden looks delicious!! Ya'll are great farmers:P

Kim said...

I feel very strongly about doing jury duty and I hope if I ever need a jury someone smart like you will be sitting there to make a judgement on my life. So three cheers for you Dana!
Meanwhile looks like Spring has definitely arrived to your little piece of the world. Lovely, all those blooms.

Happy Sewing

Artfulife said...

Love seeing the little peeks at your garden. I'm not going to let Dean see this post or he'll try to justify why we NEED a riding lawnmower with work bed, lol!

Trudi said...

Your future is looking bright indeed! Mother nature sure has you a month or two ahead of us here :)

Mandalin said...

fab post Dana, love it!

diane said...

How much property to you guys have? I would love to have the space to grow asparagus, not to mention all the fruits you have.

Corinnea said...

Lovely! Our house/yard is our sanctuary too. Things get wonky and I go out to the yard. For a city type place, it is very comforting.

AnnieO said...

I gave up on the calling every night thing since I work full time so I just pick a day--I served without being selected just a couple of weeks ago.

Glad your house is getting fixed up right, and plenty of yummy growing things are on their way.

susan said...

we had two weeks in the 80's and it has messed everything up! the sugar maples ran to early and too little; spring flowers came up to be greeted later by killing frost and more snow; my entire garlic bed is up and i have covered with plastic, hope it acts like a cold cell or whatever they call them; the lilacs are dieing sad...we never get to plant our veggies before the end of may...usually june 1st just to be sure. hope the girls do well at the dance concert this weekend.
happy trails

**nicke... said...

i am getting very excited for our garden this year. my herbs are going to be stellar!