Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily format

It's blackberry jelly by the way.

I spent June posting a photo a day with the goal being to remember to capture the daily, everyday kind of stuff.  The stuff that makes our family who we are but is easily forgotten.  It was my hope that I would then be able to scroll through and look at the photos as a whole and get a "picture" of what our life is like right here, right now.

So.  I've got mixed feelings on whether it worked for me/us as I had hoped.

Remembering to take a photo a day certainly forced me to notice the extraordinary beauty in the fleeting moments of life.  For instance the abundant squash from the garden overtaking our kitchen.

It's beautiful sitting there.  Even though I'm tired of washing/seeing/cooking/eating it. 

On the other hand, however, posting only a photo a day limited me. 

June was packed full of adventure.  We traveled to Joplin, Missouri to spend time with family and my daughters were like two year olds hopped up on cotton candy to spend an entire week with their cousins.  Water parks.  Swimming pools.  Softball.  Baby deer.  Late night giggles.  Free flowing Bliss chocolate.  Justice shopping at a mall.  Plus this trip was our first to see Joplin with our own eyes after the devastating tornado from last year. 

June also meant lazily floating down a river on inner tubes with friends.

And a week of art camp that my girls wait for . . . All. Year. Long.

So the one photo a day captured the small, everyday things that I would normally whiz past.  And interestingly enough failed to capture the the flashy moments that usually involved water and my careful protection of my DSL.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

But interestingly, they don't tell the whole story.



VeeV said...

ahhh but it tells us so much..

Kim said...

But so much fun to see.
My daughter is in to photography and a cinema and a philosophy major.
We always discuss what we think is happening in a picture finding we don't always agree. We have played this game her whole life :0) it just reminds me how differently we think.
Like art, the beauty/interpretation is in the eye of the beholder don't you think?

thanks for sharing the pictures and happy Sewing

Lee Ann L. said...

I've been thinking about doing this; but, thought of doing it with a twist. I usually have certain days for certain things. I would continue to do my usual things; but, add the picture of the day either at the top or bottom of post. I've also thought of doing a picture of the day weekly. Meaning, one post for every seven days worth of pictures. I'm not sure what I'll do; but, I do love the concept.

But, I do agree with you. I followed one blogger and she went to picture of the day for a whole month. I missed her comments, notes, blurbs and more.

There has to be a way to combine our loves (such as pictures and writing). LOL. :-)

Kristen said...

Quite true but maybe one of those pictures will trip another memory and more will tumble about.

I'm not a picture girl but am trying to break that habit.

So glad your June was fun. :D

An Art Nest said...

I think my favorite pic of the month was the 'summer fashion' - it reminds me of the free spirit of girls that I hope mine never lose!

**nicke... said...

i still loved it though.