Monday, August 27, 2012

Today I'm . . .

- Feeling itchy and sneezy thanks to the blooming weeds of fall.  Not those above.  No. Those are Brown Eyed Susans which don't cause me a minute of nasal distress.  It's Ragweed I can thank for that pleasantness.

-  Remembering Friday night with friends, grilled pizza and an easiness between our families that I love.

-  Trying to crawl out of this kids-are-back-in-school-what-is-the-meaning-of-life funk that I'm in right now.

- Hoping you know what I mean.

- Wondering how else to explain it.

- Trying again. . . Each year when the girls head back to school I have a few weeks where I'm grumpy and emotional.  And though I do miss my girls I don't think it's really that they are back in school that triggers it.  I feel this anxious-gotta-hurry-up-and-get-stuff-done-but-what-shall-I-tackle-first kind of thing that at the end of the day leaves me exhausted.  Seems when I'm in my house alone for a big chunk of a week I feel I need to be working and doing and fixing and doing some more the entire time.  Like every single second.  Sitting down to eat lunch or talk to a far away friend seems like too much of a luxury.  And I gotta get it done today because there is more to do tomorrow.  So hurry up already.

- Smiling because I know that many of you will recognize some of what I'm saying and offer such kind, soul soothing words. 

-  Thinking that's why I feel comfortable to share here. 

-  Rejoicing . . . yes rejoicing . . . because I now have a non-leaking dishwasher.  Hallelujah.

-  Signing off.  Cause there are things to do.



Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

Take a minute for yourself cause you know it will all get done and in the end, only the important stuff matters.
Whew- that was deep for Monday morning! :) lol
Have a great day. Hope your allergies don't bother you too much.
PS: Thought of you as we were in the mountains this weekend and the weather was fabulous. Hope it was in your corner too.

Kimberly said...

Aww, sending hugs to you Dana! You're a great Momma and your kiddos are very lucky to have you to come home to and the end of their day.

diane said...

Just the way this time of year upsets you confirms my already good instinct about are a great mom and your girls are so lucky to have you so devoted to them.
I hope the allergies lighten up, I can certainly relate.

Just Ducky said...

It doesn't seem to matter whether the kids are back in school or if you are like me...........a retired empty nester. I have all the time in the world to get things done, but do you think I accomplish what I intend? I have more UFO's than ever and a list that keeps growing and I cannot see the rainbow at the end. I have 'philosophically'decided it just doesn't matter. I refuse to worry about it and if it's a nice afternoon or morning just sit on the porch and watch the birds or read a book.

Alisa said...

You've said it bang-on. My kids don't go back until next week, but I have that feeling every year. So hard to describe that I now tell my hubby that "September is a difficult month for me and I'm not quite sure how to describe why." The only difference for me is that while I have a million things to be doing, I am usually paralysed by it all and don't land up doing much for the first couple of weeks.

Go ahead, talk to your far-away friend. Before you know it, it will be summer again and you won't have time. :-)

Kar said...

I so know what you are talking about Dana! Even though we homeschool, I feel the same way because of all the obligations that are now showing themselves again. We just have to remember to breathe.

Amen and Hallelujah for a non-leaking dishwasher! That would freak me out beyond the extremes.


Terriaw said...

Hang in there! Before you know it, you will find yourself a new routine.

PegS said...

Definitely know how you feel, Dana, and hope your find your groove soon! I think of it more as needing to accomplish sooo much while they're in school so that, when they return home, I can do the things that they need. It's a real struggle and a balancing act and somehow, it always works itself out!

Kristen said...

Exactly what Jennifer said. :-)
Best advice I read lately: Fail at one thing each day. As in, oops didn't get that last item of must do done.

Take time for yourself. Call a friend, sit and dream up a new pattern while enjoying a nice cup of tea.
You're a great mom.

Bad allergies. Leave Dana alone.

An Art Nest said...

Yes ma'am - I hear you!

My fave part of this post... when you spoke of 'an easiness' between you and your friends families.

Glad for your dishwasher - I know the feeling, last week I finally figured out why my refrigerator wouldn't close for weeks, turns out it was a user error :S ( I was using masking tape to shut the dang thing...yep... "frayed...." :)

Trudi said...

Those precious minutes taking lunch, chatting with friends, they aremjustnas important as the other 'stuff' that needs to be done. Now give yourself a break! And enjoy it :). I think it's the fast approaching change in season that,creates that func, I'm feeling it too and we haven't even gone back to school yet, but it feels like the summer is gone. I guess I'll,just have to make more jam!

Claire said...

Gosh Dana, take some time for yourself. As mothers I think we tend to rush around doing things for eeverybody else and rarely stopping to do the same for ourselves. So, stop, breathe, relax and do something for you - just 30 minutes a day. One thing about house work - it will still be there tomorrow. Enjoy your time by yourself and embrace it - I am envious as I have to work full time, so enjoy for those of us who can't :)

Claire said...
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**nicke... said...

i think idaho is far away enough... ;) lets chat!

QuiltNut Creations said...


Anonymous said...

I am in this same funk. My last baby started kindergarten and for the first time in 15 years I have no kids at home to take care of. Totally weird.

jax said...

I sympathize with the leaky dishwasher. Our sprung a leak and needs to be replaced. And we figured if we were going to replace the dishwasher we might as well replace the flooring, and fix the water damaged subflooring as well. We've needed new flooring in the kitchen ever since we bought the house, so I guess we are due. We just can't seem to find anybody who has time to do it for us. The contractors are busy and haven't gotten back to me. Lowe's may be doing it this weekend, but I am waiting for them to call to set up a time, so I am still playing the waiting game.

jackie said...

Fixed it...I hope.