Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm making a queen sized quilt with little strips of fabric.  It's a huge undertaking and practically all I think about night and day.

The playroom needs to be painted.  Debating on colors while I search for a couple of old wooden doors to turn an odd nook into a closet.  Oh I have plans ... if only I could find the doors.

Whenever I cut fabric for a quilt I usually cut 5" charms with ample leftovers.  Saves time later when the mood strikes to make another scrappy patchwork quilt.

I've had this quilt top done for awhile but I need to take at least one row off and maybe use it on the back instead.  We shall see.
I've been sewing and thinking and crafting and planning. And shuttling -- children around in a minivan though it would be far more cool if I meant it in the sense of weaving. 

Camping is the plan for the weekend.  It'll be brilliant orange, red and yellow sights.  Inky black star studded nights.  Cold hands cupping mugs of hot cider.  And a big hearty helping of fall.



Kelsey said...

Happy Camping! That strip quilt is going to be awesome! What a good idea for cutting while you're already working on it - I might have to do that but with 2.5" so I can make a scrap vomit quilt!

Toni said...

Your weekend sounds brilliant! Have a s'more for me. Can't wait to see your new quilt come together!

Miss Jean said...

Have a fun weekend. I see that you are looking at yellow paints as one choice. Our guest room is painted in Benjamin Moore Cottage Cream and is the softest, sweetest shade of yellow!

Kar said...

Love all those things to be pondering over! And camping on a crisp Fall weekend sounds like an awesome thing to do. Love it! Have a great time Dana. :)

**nicke... said...

you have a gift with words.

i will think of you while i am camping too.

i have old doors... lots of them. i dare you to come get some! ;) xoxo

Kim said...

Oh man what a perfect weekend you have planned....enjoy the sites and smells of Fall :0)

That quilt is gonna be a dream!
Happy Sewing

CitricSugar said...

Just got the weirdest image in my head of sending children hurdling through the warp and weft with little helmets on their heads… :-)

Can't wait to see both quilts finished! Have fun camping, my dear!

Nita said...

A wonderful time of year for a camp out! Cold nose, warm toes and sparks against the night sky. Lovely! As for colors, my living room & kitchen are Benjamin Moore lions mane yellow...a rich warm gold that looks different in every light.

Trudi said...

The quilt looks fantastic! Enjoy the camping, Happy Fall! X