Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In the barn

I spend a lot of time alone.  And I like it that way.  I don't mind being alone.  I'm sort of a closet introvert I guess.  I mean I like being with other people . . . friends and family . . . and I can strike up a conversation with a stranger without hesitation.  I just like having time alone. 

One thing about being alone is that it gives me lots of time to think.  And think. And think.  Just ask my husband.  And it's interesting.  I've been thinking lately about how my life is set up.  How my family is organized.  How my compartmentalized ideals of me-ness have changed over the life of my family. 

Oy, doesn't that sound deep?

This journey I'm on is always changing.  Yet grounded in sameness.  I provide the sameness for my family.  The routine.  The expectation.  The warmth and safety of home.  My family provides the change.  The new interests.  The spontaneity.  The lessons that remind me to be open.  That even though something wasn't part of the plan, goodness comes from it.  Jump into it.  Be present in it.  Commit unabashedly to it. 

They are adventure seekers.  All three of them.  My husband and my girls. 

I woke up this morning and sat on the edge of the bed.  I heard Razor unlatching the dog kennel to take the dogs out into the frigid morning darkness.  I heard Boo straining to close bulging dresser drawers.  I heard Licious sing the first chorus of a never ending Christmas carol.

And I felt filled up with love.  Lucky to be on this adventure with the three of them.


P.S.  The winner of the quilted turkey placements is Caroline.  Shoot me an email and I'll get them shipped right out to you in time for Thanksgiving. 



Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

I love this post. Love your introspective thoughts.
And I wake up in the morning grateful for my family too. It really is family and health that matter most and we are lucky to have both.
Glad to have great friends too, like you.

CitricSugar said...

Ah, we extroverted introverts…. A rare breed, for certain. :-)

Kelli said...

I feel the same. While I am comfortable in a crowd certainly, I HAVE to have alone time to balance. One reason I love being a SAHM is because there is time for me to be me now that the kids are growing. And yes--that time for me is what helps me be a better foundation for my family.

Karin said...

Well said! Looks like your barn is busy making memories too! I think your closet introvert is related to my social hermit. :) Now that we are empty nesters, we have to make ourselves get out and socialize. Twice a year is good enough. :)

Terriaw said...

I can totally relate to your post! I am a social person, but I prefer to be introverted and in my own little world. (Heck, if I can handle working at an Apple store, I can handle anything... but it was exhausting!) I love seeing these peaks into your quiet world, and then seeing the adventures your family goes on. Keep on living, my friend!

Trudi said...

Deep, yes, grounded, most definitely, beautifully written as always :). Love your family insights x

Kim said...

I also love my alone time, it just centers me and allows me to cope with whatever comes my way. I also find that my time sewing is so important for my mental health...a way of meditating.
Blogging and blog visiting is a nice way to connect without really losing my alone time too :0)

Happy Sewing and Have a blessed Thanksgiving

QuiltNut Creations said...

Such a great post Dana! I love being alone; I find it a great way to recharge :)

Pat Sloan said...

the bom from stitchery dock sounds so fun! I'm having her on the Radio show soon... fun fun!

the traveling charm pack is new to me.... have to check that out!

hope you are doing well my friend.. big hugs!

Jessica Christensen said...

I love being alone too, so I get that. I recharge that way. Of course, I am rarely alone. :) But I do enjoy the moments that I am.

Jessica Christensen said...

I love being alone too, so I get that. I recharge that way. Of course, I am rarely alone. :) But I do enjoy the moments that I am.

diane said...

see, this is why we are friends. I love your outlook on life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

**nicke... said...

and more tears! i just love ya!