Monday, January 28, 2013


Random number generator selected number 61 which belongs to Alice.  Congratulations Alice!  Please shoot me an email at dana at oldredbarnco dot com and let me know which three soaps you want and where to send them.

And in other news . . . I may or may not have worn the same black sweatpants for the last five days in a row. 

But not today.  No!  Today I've opted for color!



beth said...

i have worn my fleece pants almost every day (not all day, mind you, but most of each day) and night for about a week.... i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one! :) said...

I have two pairs of black leggings and wear them with a long sweater EVEYDAY! I'm sure my neighbors think it's a uniform.
Congrats to #61

Wanda said...

Dana, I LOVE your quilt!! It is gorgeous! I just found it today and missed the giveaway but still have to tell you how lovely the quilt is ;-)

DebbyMc said...

For me it's comfy grey men's pj pants and a huge long sleeved tee...but, man, I can get a lot of stuff done while I'm wearing them! =-) I just run and hide if the doorbell rings, so call first, people, if you come visit! haha!

Lee D said...

grey sweats, or black yoga pants, I don't care what Stacy and Clinton say they are comfy and great for sewing in.