Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Right now I'm...

--  Trying to complete an infinite number of tasks in a finite amount of time.

--  Betting you know that exact feeling.

--  Looking forward to seeing our barn being transformed into a garage.

--  Wishing my dog Scout would stop wanting me to take him outside every 30 minutes.

--  Thinking about the big dance this weekend and how it will be the first time leaving the girls there instead of staying with them. 

--  Smiling cause they are both super excited about that.

--  Trying to put into words this certain stage of mothering I find myself.



Ranch Wife said...

Oh, girl! I so know that feeling! Ours took place when we left them at the 4-H dance. We lived too far from town to go back home so DH and I went to the bookstore, shared a coffee, and browsed through aisles of books. Dance night for the kids became date night for us. Worked great!

Brandy Davis said...

Been at least a year since I have visited your blog Dana. For some reason it just popped into my mind. I am SO HAPPY to see that your blog is still FABULOUS and pics and quits are still AMAZING! Your blog is the reason I splurged on a fancy camera a few years back.

Anyways, I still LOVE your blog! And wow your girls have grown.

Kristen said...

Such excitement happening.

As for the big dance, I had no problem letting the kids go off without me since I never went with them before. It's that shy/introvert thing I have going on. ;)

Yes, it is scary in some ways (like when my boy went off to college-- how dare he leave home!) and exciting in others.

Never thought of it becoming a date night for parents. Dang, should of that of that. :D

Enjoy the excitement, take care of yourself, and that little dog going out might be saying take some time for yourself.

Happy creating. :D

Trudi said...

Calm that mothering panic that is brewing, exhale, let just a little bit go, and enjoy their happiness you did! I feel it too, x

diane said...

It's so hard to let them grow. This song will make you cry. It always does me and I have boys.

**nicke... said...

i have been enjoying my kiddos so much lately! they are so fun right now and i can only imagine how hard it will continue to be (and how fun also) to watch them grow older!

Kim said...

Mothering, isn't it the hardest job in the world? Thank goodness it happens day by day and you get to adjust slowly to their independence.

Hang tough Mom