Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Helping out Adventure Racing Man

Last weekend the girls and I got a taste of Razor's adventure racing world when we were volunteers in a race he helped organize.  The girls were with him from registration Friday evening through the end of the race at 8pm Saturday night.  I joined them early Saturday morning and manned the boat take out check point.

We had an absolute blast.  The athletes were funny and kind . . . always thanking the volunteers for being there.  I don't know if I was racing for 12 straight hours in rough terrain if I'd be cognizant enough to thank the folks manning the checkpoints and signing off on passports. 

I take that back. 
I know I wouldn't be cognizant enough.
Not Razor.  Rather, one of the many adventure racers at this years Jackrabbit Adventure Race

Even after boating in freezing water at the break of dawn, trekking for dozens of miles, and biking for dozens and dozens more, they were still full of smiles.

Again, none of these guys is Razor.  But the squirrelly one there in bright yellow is our neighbor.  This was their first race and they killed it!  Way to go Smokey Mountain Multi Sport!

Adventure racing is not a spectator sport so we can count the number of times we've been at a race with Razor on one hand.  Being at this one and helping him pull it off was incredible.  Our family, working together, doing something that my husband loves.  And loving it too. 

And loving him even more.



Terriaw said...

I always thought adventure racing looked like fun, so it's great seeing it through your eyes as a volunteer. Looks like a lot of hard work so it's nice to see how much fun everyone has.

Kar said...

How awesome is that! I know Razor was loving the fact that you girls were there. Helping out was a bonus!

Paige said...

Super cool!

diane said...

My son used to do these races before he went in to the fire academy...they were grueling but fun. There's a real self-satisfying feeling when you finish...I can only imagine.

Kristen said...

Yeah for it all going well.

Great memory making, too.

I bet it was fun to watch. There would be no brain in me either. Wait, I lost that when three goats arrived. ;)

Beth said...

I would not be able to talk,let alone say thank you. Looks like it was a great experience for all of you.

PS I went back to yesterday after being off to move and I was roaming around looking at new arrivals. I spotted the book right away. I love it! Love your cover quilt. It will come home with me. Great job and congrats!

QuiltNut Creations said...

My dad and brother used to road race when we were teenagers; spent many a weekend at races. Always a good time!

Lindsey R. :: LRstitched said...

What a fun time and I'm sure it was equally touching to your husband to have all his girls there! That's what family is all about!